17:30 <tetedupet> hi  
17:31 <vap0r> hi  
17:31 <tetedupet> who's producing these vids with my pics in them?  
17:31 <vap0r> it says on the site who made it  
17:32 <tetedupet> there are laws against that you know, considering those pics of me were taken before the age of 18  
17:32 <vap0r> ok  
17:32 <vap0r> channel that to the proper authorities  
17:32 <vap0r> doesnt involved me  
17:33 <vap0r> -d  
17:33 <tetedupet> well my tutor at university college london is actually law professor, so i'll be seeking advice after the weekend  
17:33 <vap0r> ok  
17:34 <vap0r> have fun with that  
17:34 <vap0r> it'd be worth it to get into a lawsuit over a pumper video  
17:34 <vap0r> time and money etc  
17:35 <tetedupet> and since money isn't an object with me (my mother is a don of an oxbridge college), i will be pursuing it  
17:35 <vap0r> ok  
17:35 <vap0r> like i said have fun with that  
17:36 <vap0r> ill contact everyone and let them know to get their lawyers ready for the fight of the century  
17:36 <tetedupet> i doubt such degenerates such as yourselves even have legal representation  
17:36 <vap0r> i work for a law firm  
17:37 <vap0r> im the IT head and business manager  
17:37 <vap0r> you shouldnt assume so much  
17:37 <vap0r> i know fully well the public domain laws re: internet media  
17:37 <vap0r> like i said enjoy getting your advice and such  
17:38 <vap0r> we dont need to correspond anymore it might be a conflict of interest  
17:38 <vap0r> in the future lawsuit    
(v@p0r.) (Killed (tetedupet (why this this moron spoofed?)))    

he then went and cried to whoever about "me" and got my spoof removed on servercentral even though i didn't make the video. 
good way to concrete yourself into a permanent source of comedy for us tete! you win the award for taking irc the most serious
and threatening lawsuits over trolling! i bet we pop into your thoughts midway into sucking whatever emo fags dick youre
slobbering on.. it boggles me though, being that you look so effeminant and have a penis (i assume) you'd fit right in with
some of the pumpers that have a shemale obsession! lorf! wepumpin!!!!!!

pumpfest video by: s0ftd1ss
music: vap0r
vocal submissions for song: CHOzen1, rexxard, s0ftd1ss, shaggs, xt0rt
honorable mentions: ramprat, roflcptr
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s0ftd1ss made this shit on a 1.1 ghz with 384 mb of ram in windows movie maker (lol). because his computer is such a pos, he had to send the project files to redukt to render, so redukt was awarded the purple vein award. shaggs then converted it to flash and etc to make it easy for everyone.. this is a pumpcolab bitch!