ok nigger, first things first, you can learn this entire process on your own without this tutorial using Google. But, since you're fat and lazy, i'll condense this for you a bit. we're pumpin and the easiest way to lose your pump pressure is to get banned from a server. to evade bans, the standard practice is via proxy. there are multiple ways to gather proxies, some legal and some "illegal". we will be taking the legal route: forums. listed below are two forums out of about 10 that i frequent, they do require a signup but you can always use your imgayspam@gmail.com account.
http://forum.my-proxy.com/ http://forum.freshproxy.com/index.php http://www.xroxy.com/xorum/
make sure the list you use isnt 2 years old, and if it's long as fuck.. most of them are probably bunk and not worth testing. in other words.. short lists are usually sweet.. short and sweet!! OMG. ok fag so now you got some proxys, congrats you're basically a hacker. now we need a way of testing them unless you want to check em on irc one by one.. if thats the case you can close the browser now.. if not go download Charon. this is a great tool for socks, proxy, and http proxy.. and once you grab it you need to make sure your shit looks like these images: click general settings and connect options or w/e
now you can try out your proxies on irc via mirc.. i stole this from another forum to help you with that:

Start mIRC, go to "Tools", then "Options" and select "Firewall" on the list on the left, under the "Connect" category.

Set the "Firewall support" to Server, DCC or Both. This depends on which services you want to use the irc proxy on. Server, means the client-server comunication will use the proxy, while DCC means the file transfer will use the proxy. Both means both services will use the proxy. I suggest setting it to both, if you want to be really anonymous.

Set the "Protocol" to the type of irc proxy you are using. Either Socks4, Socks5 or a normal proxy that supports irc protocol.

Set the "Hostname" to your irc proxy hostname or IP address and set "Port", to your proxy port. If you are connecting to a proxy server which needs registration, type in your details in "User ID" and "Password", or else leave those two fields blank.

Now press OK, and try to connect to your IRC server. If it does not connect, it means that either the IRC server detected you are using a proxy, and does not let you use it, that the irc proxy is dead, or that the proxy does not support irc protocol.

one final thing i do since i also have a linux box is load the list in muhstik , arab (lol sup vxp) or asian (lol jmax sup) and get them to join irc.. once they join i whois them (to get the server they are on) then i dns them, grab the ip and search for it in the big proxy list.. once i find it i grab the port and i know for sure that proxy with that port will work on the server i whois'd.. this step isnt necessary however.. . .. wut