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<tetedupet> I'm bored of these penispump kids

<tetedupet> until they stop being morons, I'm just going to ban/kill/kline everything associated with them

<tetedupet> and so will other opers

<tetedupet> i'm sure they'll give up eventually, it's not hard for us to take your channels

<tetedupet> takes us a couple of seconds, actually

LOL @ blaming all those people killed for a couple people that spam, when they have nothing to do with it.. for all they know people are spamming trying to get US in trouble, but when does a typical oper think outside the box?! lol.. they dont even leave their box.. its too bright outside.. <- this is the guy killing us and being "bored" with us

∙φ∙ tetedupet [] has joined #yawepumpin
<tetedupet> stop being lame, thanks.
<Lampiasi1> hi tetedupet
<lol3izer> stop sending bots here
<l1tup> sup oper
<lol3izer> thanks
<l1tup> sup oper
<Lampiasi1> what's the problem my friend
<l1tup> sup oper
<l1tup> sup oper
<l1tup> sup oper
<goatty> sup oper ... more like up soper, am i right?
<l1tup> sup oper
<l1tup> sup oper
<l1tup> sup oper
<l1tup> sup oper
<l1tup> sup oper
∙φ∙ SignOff l1tup: #yawepumpin (Killed (tetedupet (oh shut up)))
<Lampiasi1> tetedupet, what can we do for you?
<tetedupet> stop flooding/trolls my chans
<Lampiasi1> Which channels are those?
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∙φ∙ l1tup [] has joined #yawepumpin
<l1tup> sup oper
<goatty> wilkommen l1tup
<cutie578> wilkommen daveh3h.
<l1tup> sup oper
<lol3izer> tetedupet: we are free to flood our own channel
<lol3izer> nice kill faggot
∙φ∙ SignOff lol3izer: #yawepumpin (Killed (tetedupet (oh shut up)))
<l1tup> sup oper
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+b *!*] by defiled
∙φ∙ tetedupet was kicked off #yawepumpin by boognish (banned: requested)
<goatty> sup oper... soper
<l1tup> pwnt
<l1tup> pwnt
<l1tup> we pwn opers
<l1tup> * tetedupet was kicked by ween ([na(k)] banned: requested)
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<l1tup> * ween has quit IRC (Killed (tetedupet (.)))
<l1tup> * tetedupet was kicked by ween ([na(k)] banned: requested)
<lol3izer> no u
<l1tup> * ween has quit IRC (Killed (tetedupet (.)))
<l1tup> OPER ABUSE
<l1tup> OPER ABUSE
<l1tup> OPER ABUSE
∙φ∙ steelside [stoner@] has joined #yawepumpin
<Lampiasi1> don't u see the oppression inherent in the system?
<l1tup> sup oper
<cutie578> some fucking oper in gnaa
<l1tup> why they so mad anyway
<l1tup> we like the die hard ircusers
<steelside> !pump
<l1tup> people movin to like
<gay_panda> synth and pheco are in love with me :O
<l1tup> iphones
<l1tup> and shit
<l1tup> if we wasnt on efnet
<l1tup> nobody would
<l1tup> know wut i mean
<l1tup> know wut i mean
<l1tup> know wut i mean
<l1tup> know wut im sayin
<l1tup> know wut im sayin
<l1tup> know wut im sayin
<l1tup> sup oper
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+b *!*@] by ether
∙φ∙ steelside was kicked off #yawepumpin by boognish (banned: requested)
∙φ∙ SignOff Ax-: #yawepumpin (Banned: :spam)
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 78] by melo
<l1tup> sup oper
∙φ∙ SignOff ice39: #yawepumpin (spam (2007/12/16 16.15))
<l1tup> sup oper
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 77] by melo
<vap0r> #pp Illegal channel name
<vap0r> #pp4l Illegal channel name
<vap0r> #penis_pump Illegal channel name
<vap0r> #penispump Illegal channel name
<vap0r> #wepumpin Pre-Illegal channel name
<cutie578> #pp illegal channel #freebsd (bumblebee scrotum and anus
<vap0r> #yawepumpin Oh Shit they JUPIN
<vap0r> You are banned from this server- Pump-lined
<l1tup> sup vap0r
<l1tup> sup vap0r
<l1tup> guess what
<l1tup> a tree fucking fell through my window
<l1tup> last nite
<l1tup> fucking ice storm
<vap0r> lame
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<bje> WHAA
<bje> i dont know who the real pheco is anymore
<l1tup> neither do i
<Grooblle> omg
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 78] by melo
<Grooblle> i see them jupin they hatin
<l1tup> ron paul
<l1tup> making millions
<l1tup> making millions
<l1tup> making millions
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+o-b ween c4e!_OSX@1197818526] by defiled
∙φ∙ Nigel [~sarsilma@] has joined #yawepumpin
<bje> fuck mitt romney
<cutie578> mitt romney lectercontrollers
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 79] by melo
∙φ∙ Nigel [~sarsilma@] has left #yawepumpin []
<goatty> bye nigel
≡ bje/#yawepumpin pushes goatty over
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 78] by melo
<goatty> mmmm
∙φ∙ Situation [] has joined #yawepumpin
≡ bje/#yawepumpin tickles goatty's utters
<goatty> :o)
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+b *!*@] by boognish
∙φ∙ Situation was kicked off #yawepumpin by skagg (..(cyp/k) request)
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∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 79] by melo
<vap0r> sup wallflowr
<lol3izer> sup u wanna be a pumper
<lol3izer> u have to pass the pumptest
<goatty> Crikey.
<wallflowr> I'm going to shut this channel down
<cutie578> f1re is that said it was shut down!
<wallflowr> so please leave now or be killed
<vap0r> wait youre going to kill everyone?
<wallflowr> yep
<wallflowr> if you dont /part
<wallflowr> I'll give you a few minutes
<vap0r> thats a bit rash eh?
<vap0r> people arent even awake
<lol3izer> nice abuse
<lol3izer> nice abuse
<lol3izer> nice abuse
<lol3izer> nice abuse
<vap0r> you gonna kill moon?
<vap0r> she'll prolly be mad she hates rejoining all her chans
<wallflowr> I dont give a shit
<wallflowr> I've seen this channel and others causing problems for months and I'm tired of it
<lol3izer> this channel hasnt existed for months
<vap0r> i wouldnt think mass killing would stop those problems
<lol3izer> nice try though
<vap0r> but ok
∙φ∙ rapefest [] has joined #yawepumpin
<wallflowr> #pp #penispump and others lol3izer, same people
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 80] by melo
<wallflowr> so from now on I'm just going to shut down any channels "you" create
<lol3izer> we are not the borg
<lol3izer> nice generalizations
<vap0r> i wonder why you wouldnt just handle the small amoutn of people spamming
<vap0r> instead of lumping us all together
<vap0r> but thats the typical attitude
<lol3izer> yep
<vital> we are bit tge berg either
<Lampiasi1> yeah really
<vital> dont treat us like kikes
<Lampiasi1> what
<wallflowr> because it hasnt worked vap0r
<vap0r> so killing all of us is?
<vap0r> they will still spam
<vap0r> the person spamming recently isnt even us
<Lampiasi1> I never spam and I don't troll other channels.
<vap0r> its someone tryign to screw us
<wallflowr> they wont have anywhere to hang
<vap0r> noone ever seems to read into it that far though
<vap0r> they just assume its us
<Lampiasi1> and most people here don't
<cutie578> most exclusive soap factories in toronto based j/o club?
<lol3izer> yep
<lol3izer> nice prejudice
<lol3izer> :/
<vap0r> thats the oldest trick in the book
<vap0r> say youre spamming from a chan
<vap0r> then the chan gets juped
<vital> lol @ cutie
<vap0r> or in trouble
<lol3izer> yea because we are gonna be stupid enough
<lol3izer> to spam oper chans
<cutie578> like 20 chans to jupe
<lol3izer> with our name
<vital> juped or JEWped
<lol3izer> durrrr
<Lampiasi1> Not to mention we really don't want new idiots on this channel
<wallflowr> you have 1 minute to /part
<Lampiasi1> We have enuff
<vap0r> heh
<goatty> =D
<Lampiasi1> Our idiot roster is full haha
∙φ∙ vap0r [] has left #yawepumpin [this isnt goign to fix anything]
<vital> Lampiasis: i have nothing against idiots as long as they stay as funnny as our current roster
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 79] by melo
<vital> but like
<vital> that l1tup dude
<vital> is a fucking IDIOT
<vital> i hate him
<vital> i have no problems with anybody in here
<vital> except him
<vital> everybody else either enver talks, is a bot, or is fucking hilarious
∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+b *!*] by defiled
∙φ∙ wallflowr was kicked off #yawepumpin by boognish (banned: requested)
<lol3izer> loooo
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∙φ∙ mode/#yawepumpin [+l 77] by melo
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and so on ... ;)