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Start of #FriendsOfSonic buffer: Tue Feb 06 14:35:17 2007

[10:52] * Now talking in #FriendsOfSonic [10:52] * Topic is 'SONIC FRIENDS UNITE![10:52] * Set by Whoracle!theoracle@whoracle.org on Fri Feb 02 22:49:07 [10:52] <sonic||> i can't stand to be in #ytmnd...and when i was in #pp4l the other day i felt uncomfortable....people in there are SO RACIST
[10:52] <sonic||> and no its not a joke [10:52] <pheco> ill consider it
[10:52] <sonic||> racism is serious
[10:52] <sonic||> blacks....
[10:52] <sonic||> have WORLDWIDE RESPECT [10:52] <sonic||> because of their talents [10:52] <sonic||> musical talents
[10:53] <sonic||> and plus my brother is black and graduated from an ivy league school...so hes no dumbass like the stereotypes your friends think of...he could own them and have them work as maids for high pay [10:53] <sonic||> I don't really fancy mexicans too much...but I still wouldn't want to see someone running around on IRC saying 'beaner this beaner that' OVER AND OVER AGAIN [10:53] <pheco> i guess
[10:53] <sonic||> thats just cruel
[10:53] <sonic||> its cruel man
[10:53] <sonic||> people didnt choose to be what they are [10:53] <sonic||> i'm mixed
[10:54] <sonic||> do you think i want to be mixed? [10:54] <pheco> i dont look at peoples skin, i look at how they treat me and each other [10:54] <sonic||> no i have to live with it [10:54] <sonic||> peco but then you can switch to the next window in your mIRC taskbar and be in a chan full of RACIAL SLURS....
[10:54] <sonic||> your contradicting yourself and going against your own beliefs [10:54] <pheco> you ever see me say that shit? [10:54] <sonic||> nope...but you allow it to happen [10:54] <pheco> you are generalzing me
[10:54] <pheco> so
[10:54] <pheco> its a free country
[10:54] <sonic||> the CRAZIEST thing about all this is that Max is a jew...... [10:54] <pheco> say what you want
[10:54] <pheco> im not saying it
[10:55] <pheco> how do you feel about jews?

[10:55] <sonic||> pheco: you should do what I do...browse myspace...look up hot chicks....they all like rap.....everyone who is 
  anyone that likes mainstream shit...loves rap...and rap = blacks.....they have respect for them....

[10:55] <sonic||> Jews are cool
[10:55] <pheco> sonic| i have a girlfriend [10:55] <sonic||> kind of like machines with thei rintelligence [10:55] <sonic||> phec good for you [10:55] <sonic||> i hope you log all this and put it on a website [10:56] <sonic||> so people can understand where i'm comming from [10:56] <pheco> why
[10:56] <pheco> ok
[10:56] <Siks6Siks> rap does not = black [10:56] <pheco> i can do that for you sonic [10:56] <Siks6Siks> thats a racial sterotype [10:56] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: Ok Eminem, Bubba Sparx, and that other guy from the south...big w00p, rap is 99% black [10:56] <Siks6Siks> no
[10:56] <pheco> you shouldnt talk so much shit on me sonic, i've never had a problem with you [10:56] <Siks6Siks> atmosphere
[10:56] <Siks6Siks> aesop rock
[10:56] <Siks6Siks> sage francis
[10:56] <pheco> we go far back
[10:56] <Siks6Siks> cunninglinquist
[10:57] <sonic||> pheo well you let that NUT BAG vap0r around in your channel...thats just disrespecting me man..... [10:57] * SN33D has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds[10:57] <pheco> no its not
[10:57] <Siks6Siks> we could go on and on [10:57] <sonic||> that guy seriously has some issues with me [10:57] <pheco> free speech man
[10:57] <pheco> you take that up with him [10:57] <pheco> not me
[10:57] <pheco> i dont disrespect you
[10:57] <sonic||>peco: look...i grew up around mexican gangsters man...and black gangsters....the line is very thin in terms of trust and respect....one false move...and they will disown you....thats the same mindset i have....and i believe its a take-no-bullshit one
[10:58] <sonic||> i feel its bullshit that you let that assclown vap0r in your chan [10:58] <pheco> thats your decision
[10:58] <sonic||> to make websites about me [10:58] <pheco> first of all its not just my channel [10:58] <pheco> synth too
[10:59] <sonic||> i actually think synth looks like a cool guy...but you HARBOR racists man...that is not cool....i can get racist sometimes...but i always do it with a scientific mindset....and i look at the different races...different theories, 'aryan superiority theory' ect... i don't just shout racial slurs senselessly [10:59] <Whoracle> ok, this might sound like an odd question. But how does someone from a well-to-do family, growup with mexican and african american gangsters? [10:59] <pheco> afk
[10:59] <pheco> later sonic||
[11:00] <sonic||>horacle: don't feel like getting into it...there were 2 schools that were in the upper class neighborhood in my area....one of them was part of the LAUSD and they bussed in minorities from the inner city...the other one had nothing to do with the city of L.A. and it was basically a 'white' city and school all its own [11:00] * pervx has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:01] <sonic||>Whorcle: naturally I wanted to up my popularity...get respect...and take out enemies if they fucked with me (and we all know in high school beef happends) [11:01] <sonic||> and you know what? I won [11:01] <sonic||> I was one of the coolest kids at my school [11:01] <sonic||> surrounded by the hottest chicks at my school [11:01] <sonic||> imagine going to house parties [11:01] <sonic||> and your friends with the only REAL gangsters there..... [11:01] <sonic||> they got your back
[11:01] <sonic||> if anyone fucks with you [11:01] <sonic||> which they won't
[11:01] <sonic||> you can own them
[11:02] <sonic||> I owned suckers
[11:02] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - so whats worse saying racial slurs on a random irc channel, or discussing actual racist ideal that are back by a "scientific mindset"?
[11:02] <scav> sonic||: u act like a nigger, but u will never be a O.G [11:02] <Whoracle> ok, i get it i was assuming you had gone to private school. [11:02] <Whoracle> n/m
[11:02] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: saying racial slurs over and over again without putting any heart and soul into it or decent thought is just plain stupid and ignorant [11:03] <sonic||>cav: bullshit...i'm one of the best graffiti artists in L.A., and believe me some of the graf crews out here fuck with guns and i know someone who wasn't a gangster just a graf artist who got shot recently [11:03] <Siks6Siks> well your talking about "'aryan superiority theory' - and then in the same breathe saying that you respect black people and gangsters n shit
[11:03] <sonic||> well you know why?
[11:03] <sonic||> im about 70% aryan
[11:03] <sonic||> but i also have some black ancestry [11:03] <Siks6Siks> lol
[11:03] <Siks6Siks> then the aryans wouldnt accept you [11:04] <sonic||> and i said earlier...i wouldn't like it if someone kept mouthing off about mexicans either [11:04] <Siks6Siks> your blood is not "pure" [11:04] <scav> sonic||: so? you live in the whitetrash area [11:04] <scav> good for you
[11:04] <sonic||>iks6Sik they wouldn't....my blood isn't pure, your right.... [11:04] <sonic||>cav: this aint fuckin Ohio man...there is barley any white trash aroudn here [11:04] <scav> sonic||: i dont respect you, fuckin giosy [11:04] <scav> *gipsy
[11:04] <Siks6Siks> so your saying, that your less of a man becuz you have 30%black in you? [11:04] <scav> im all arian, and i think you are a fuckin joke [11:04] <sonic||> scav: my high school was about 3 miles away from mansions, estate communities, britney spears house, jessica simpson , ect...
[11:04] <scav> Siks6Siks: he says he is less of a man cuz he never got his fat ass laid [11:04] <sonic||> scav: whats your ethnicity [11:05] <sonic||> i mean
[11:05] <sonic||> what nationalities
[11:05] <sonic||> are in your background [11:05] <scav> norwegian
[11:05] <scav> beat that
[11:05] <scav> fuckface
[11:05] <sonic||> haha
[11:05] <sonic||> i'm proud of my black ancestry [11:05] <scav> im blond, i got blue eyes [11:05] <scav> and i hate your sorry racist ass [11:05] <Whoracle> back to work for me
[11:05] <sonic||> and what has Norway done for the world lately? [11:05] <scav> same here
[11:05] <sonic||> enjoy, slaves.
[11:05] <sonic||> i'll be loungin at my crib [11:05] <scav> sonic||: i dunno, medical science? [11:05] <scav> gas?
[11:05] <scav> wavedriven elpower
[11:06] <sonic||> sv: the old Germanic tribes did a lot...but in recent history....Germanic nations were weak as shit, Hitler lost the war dude...be an aryan and proud...your race lost the war to slavics, americans, and british people who are germanic [11:06] <scav> a shitload of el-power for europe, made from waterfalls, so its 100% pure, no exploiting [11:06] <sonic||> and the brits are obviously more superior and can fight off Hitler's aerial attacks....ie London Blitz [11:06] <scav> sonic||: im not the one talking races :) [11:06] <scav> and fyi
[11:07] <sonic||> sv: you just said you were Mr.Aryan and full Norwegian....i dissed your shit. [11:07] <scav> ur president said during WW2 [11:07] <scav> "If you think its hard, look to norway" [11:07] <Siks6Siks> sonic||
[11:07] <Siks6Siks> wtf
[11:07] <Siks6Siks> make up your mind
[11:07] <sonic||> scav: and furthermore what the fuck does a pure aryan know about being "O.G." you dumb fuck....know your place, and go invent something.
[11:07] <Siks6Siks> you cant be proud of black and arayan at the same fucking time [11:07] <Siks6Siks> it dont jive
[11:07] <sonic||>iks6Siks: sure you can [11:07] <scav> races are for pussies
[11:07] <sonic||>Siks6iks: all I have to do is consider my germanic and celtics genes 'aryan' thats all [11:08] <scav> sonic||: you are so fat and ugly, i think your a mix of pigs, humans and monkeys [11:08] <scav> germanic and celtics. rofl you gipsy [11:08] <scav> haha
[11:08] <scav> HAHA
[11:08] <sonic||> sca us blacks DOMINATE every european society today....all your women, want us.... [11:08] <scav> get a fuckin clue sonic|| [11:08] <Siks6Siks> but the aryan "purists" say that your genes are not pure, therefore usless [11:08] <Siks6Siks> lmfao
[11:08] <scav> sonic||: how fuckin wrong :) [11:08] <scav> there are no "black and white" in europe [11:08] <sonic||> sca i'm sure your Mr.Negroe rapper has had tons of norwegian women when he toured in Norway [11:08] <scav> its all "citicen"
[11:08] <scav> sonic||: sure, but so have I [11:09] <scav> oposite to youy
[11:09] <sonic||>ca white women look up to black rappers so much...theres no room for a pure aryan like you to be spouting his superiority bullshit.
[11:09] <scav> okey, to bad all girls i know are punkers :) [11:09] <scav> but
[11:09] <scav> cya later
[11:09] <sonic||>cav: so tell me Mr.Aryan Norwegian Viking man...am I an O.G.? [11:09] <Siks6Siks> 80% of the white women i know wouldnt date a black guy :| [11:09] <scav> have fun in your dreamworld of races... [11:09] <scav> sonic||: you act like one, now fuck of and get shot or something. cya [11:09] <sonic||> siks6siks: then you aren't that mainstream...but good for them, i think they should stick with their own race [11:09] * jc has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:10] <sonic||>ca its ok i'm way intellectual with my shit.... [11:10] <scav> Siks6Siks: let him grab his meds :) [11:10] <sonic||>scv: i'm enthused everyday I wake up [11:10] <Siks6Siks> i dont know, i chill with allot of different types of people [11:10] <Siks6Siks> i think that you have a very confused outlook on life bro [11:10] <sonic||> scav: you haven't even harnessed the true power of your aryan ness....and you probably never will...I SEE the world differently than you.
[11:10] <Siks6Siks> just cuz you think gangsta are cool - doesnt mean the rest of the world does [11:10] <sonic||>ca in the 1930s when Hitler was fuhrer my lineage on both sides of the family was pure white..... [11:10] <sonic||> Siks6Sik HAHAHA [11:10] <Siks6Siks> like, at least all the GROWN people i know think gangsters are retarded [11:11] <sonic||> Siks6Sik thats where you are wrong! [11:11] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: Germany is the #2 consumer of Hip hop WORLDWIDE. [11:11] <sonic||> Germans LOVE gangster rapper 2pac [11:11] <sonic||> and Notorious B.I.G.
[11:11] <sonic||> you don't know shit
[11:11] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - HIP HOP IS NOT JUST BLACK [11:11] <Siks6Siks> hip hop is beyond race [11:11] <sonic||>iks6Siks: name some white rappers then [11:11] <sonic||>iks6Sik bet you can't name more than 5 [11:11] <Whoracle> they also love David Hasslehof. [11:11] <Siks6Siks> i allready did
[11:11] * Swuave invites you to join #EZTV-Chat [11:11] <sonic||> do it again.
[11:11] <sonic||> I missed it.
[11:11] <Siks6Siks> more than 5?
[11:11] <sonic||> hi jc
[11:11] <Siks6Siks> aesop rock
[11:11] <sonic||> iks6Sik: yeah, do it. [11:11] <Siks6Siks> atmosphere
[11:11] <Siks6Siks> sage francis
[11:11] <sonic||> dude those are underground MCs.... [11:12] <sonic||> they don't count
[11:12] <Siks6Siks> why dont they count? [11:12] <sonic||> we are talkin mainstream...what gets to the masses [11:12] <sonic||> what REAL people listen to [11:12] <Siks6Siks> lol
[11:12] <sonic||> not the 30% of hip hop consumers [11:12] <Siks6Siks> "real" people listen to whatever the media tells them to listen to [11:12] <sonic||> Eminem, Bubba Sparx, Paul Wall...THE ONLY white rappers in the mainstream....and besides Vanilla Ice...thats OF ALL TIME
[11:12] <Siks6Siks> hmmm
[11:13] <Siks6Siks> i'll disagree, but whats your point? [11:13] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: haha dude i've gone done the route your going..."Im an underground mcs yo check it im so real" its bullshit dude....the real music is in the mainstream...thats where the real energy goes...and the music that all the clubs WORLDWIDE play....and those 3 white rappers don't have many songs in rotation except for Eminem [11:13] <Siks6Siks> see, your missing the fucking point [11:13] <sonic||> smoke your weed listen to Atmosphere....noone gives a fuck about Atmosphere [11:13] <Siks6Siks> are you joking me?
[11:13] <sonic||> dude Underground isn't mainstream hip hop [11:14] <sonic||> Germany isn't consuming Atmosphere albums.... [11:14] <sonic||> but yet they are still the #2 consumer of Hip Hop [11:14] <sonic||> yet you want to say the rest of the world dosen't give a fuck about gangster rap [11:14] <Siks6Siks> yeah, im not from germant [11:14] <sonic||> when infact, THEY DO. [11:14] <Siks6Siks> just becuase someone likes a 2pac record [11:14] <Siks6Siks> doesnt mean they think gangsta are cool [11:14] <sonic||> iks6Sik: go do some research like I have...look at peoples myspaces from European countries....ALMOST EVERY ONE OF THEM fancies 2pac, ect... The Game..... [11:15] <sonic||>iks6Sik you don't know the extent of the mainstream hip hop fascination world wide and how many people actually consume the gangster rap music....the world eats it up [11:15] <sonic||> and Eminem didn't invent Gangster rap...hes not even a gangster rapper MC [11:15] <Siks6Siks> so what are you trying to prove? that people from european countries have bad taste in music and like the game?
[11:15] <Siks6Siks> lol
[11:15] <sonic||>iks6Siks: thats your opinion and its biased [11:15] <Siks6Siks> wtf are you on?
[11:15] <sonic||> you aren't looking at the facts [11:15] <Siks6Siks> and Eminem didn't invent Gangster rap...hes not even a gangster rapper MC [11:15] <Siks6Siks> who the fuck said he was? [11:15] <Siks6Siks> how old are you sonic? [11:16] <Siks6Siks> ha brb i need to change pc's [11:16] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: you keep going on and on about how white rappers are so prevalant when its only 3 white rappers in the mainstream that get any radio play at alll...and we are talking OF ALL TIME...Radio stations that aren't undergroudn don't play Atmosphere fucktard.
[11:16] <sonic||> Atmosphere is a virtual nobody in the world of mainstream hip hop [11:17] <sonic||> Underground MCs will stay underground and they will never sell records like 50 cent because their flows aren't hardcore enough
[11:17] * Six6Six has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:18] <Six6Six> allright
[11:18] <sonic||> Underground MCs will stay underground and they will never sell records like 50 cent because their flows aren't hardcore enough
[11:18] <sonic||> Atmosphere is a virtual nobody in the world of mainstream hip hop [11:18] <sonic||>iks6Siks: you keep going on and on about how white rappers are so prevalant when its only 3 white rappers in the mainstream that get any radio play at alll...and we are talking OF ALL TIME...Radio stations that aren't undergroudn don't play Atmosphere fucktard.
[11:18] <Six6Six> plz continue
[11:18] <sonic||> UNDERGROUND DOSEN"T COUNT...sure it might be quote real hip hop....but its not what people are listening to. only a small percentage of hip hop fans listen to that shit. [11:18] <Six6Six> atmosphere has had dsome mainstream exposure [11:18] <sonic||> six6six: but NOTHING like 50 cent [11:18] <Six6Six> record companies have knocked down his door trying to sign him [11:18] <sonic||> NOTHING
[11:18] <sonic||> of course
[11:18] <sonic||> hes got skill
[11:18] <Six6Six> he wont fuckin sell out [11:18] <sonic||> and an audience
[11:18] <Six6Six> thats the fucking difference [11:19] <sonic||> well good go suck his dick [11:19] <sonic||> he dosen't want a lot of money...his loss [11:19] <sonic||> but
[11:19] <sonic||> its good that he keeps it real [11:19] <sonic||> if a record company asked me to change up my flow i wouldn't [11:19] <Six6Six> its not his loss
[11:19] <Six6Six> he makes plenty of money [11:19] <Six6Six> and hip hop is MORE THAN MONEY [11:19] <sonic||>ix6Si comparing Atmosphere to 50 cent is like comparing a bum to a middle class office worker bee [11:19] <sonic||> or a bum to a rich jew [11:19] <Six6Six> 50 cent is trash
[11:19] <sonic||> hes what sells.
[11:20] <sonic||> hes what people are listening to. [11:20] <Six6Six> so do the backstreet bots [11:20] <sonic||> thats the bottom line [11:20] <Six6Six> britney spears
[11:20] <sonic||> i'm not being biased here...you are.... [11:20] <Six6Six> does that make the shit good? [11:20] <sonic||> Si6ix: ok I get where your comming from....I'm so underground blah blah hip hop isn't about blacks....yea whatever...i used to be like that...and at the time i was trying to fit in....then i found out that mainstream shit had the most energy and was more appealing and that mainstream rappers are exciting [11:21] <Six6Six> what YOU dont understand is that mainstream music [11:21] <Six6Six> not just hip hop
[11:21] <Six6Six> is based on marketing [11:21] <Six6Six> thats it
[11:21] <sonic||> and I like the music
[11:21] <sonic||> as a former underground hip hop fan [11:21] <sonic||> i like the music
[11:21] <Six6Six> it takes close to no skill to sell a millions records [11:21] <sonic||> if i can like it
[11:21] <sonic||> then anyone can like it [11:21] <sonic||> hahaha bullshit
[11:21] <Six6Six> its takes a look and it takes marketing [11:21] <sonic||> it takes fuckin skill [11:21] <sonic||> bullshit
[11:21] <sonic||> you are just not giving them credit because YOU'RE SO UNDERGROUND [11:21] * bud` has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:22] <Six6Six> hey i listen to some mainstream stuff [11:22] <sonic||> "Underground" shit is just as fake as mainstream bro.... [11:22] <jc> sonic do you rap
[11:22] <sonic||> the shit they rap about is all psuedo intellectual yet none of them have college degrees....a bunch of blacks/whites that are ghetto trying to be intellectual on the mic...its bullshit. [11:22] <sonic||>c: check p0r.org for my raps [11:22] <Six6Six> if you put it under a big label like that, then sure [11:22] <Six6Six> but the artists are respect are real [11:23] <Whoracle> [02/06/07 09:22:28] * vap0r was kicked from #pp4l by Whoracle (SONIC PWNS YOU! WE LOVE SONIC!) [11:23] <Six6Six> there not pretending to be gangsters [11:23] <sonic||> Whoracle: right on bro [11:23] <sonic||>horacl i give you mad props for that.... [11:23] <sonic||> Six6Si umm 50 cent was shot 9 times.... [11:23] <sonic||> Six6Si 2 pac was shot too... [11:23] <sonic||> these guys are REAL gangsters [11:23] <sonic||> they aren't faking it [11:23] <sonic||> The Game is a blood
[11:23] <sonic||> Piru Bloods
[11:23] <sonic||> its a real gang in L.A. [11:23] <sonic||> moron
[11:23] * sonic|| was kicked by LaGenda (flood[11:23] sonic|| has joined FriendsOfSonic [11:23] <Six6Six> yeah, if i went to the ghetto and acted like a retard id get shot also, does that make me a gangster, or would that make me stupid?
[11:24] <sonic||> 50 cent has all this security and body guards that could almost rival the president because so many people want to kill it
[11:24] <sonic||> kill him

[11:24] <sonic||>ix6Si you aren't giving enough credit for the rawness of the people that live in the hood [11:24] <sonic||> Six6ix its dangerous [11:24] <sonic||> Six6Six: and blacks will front on other blacks.... [11:25] <Siks6Siks> im not saying its not real in the hood [11:25] <sonic||>Six6ix: you want an example of a sell out? listen to some of Eminem's recent songs.....although he came out hard on the 'You dont know track' and that was one of his best pieces i've ever heard [11:25] <sonic||> Eminem had mad skill dude [11:25] <pheco> .-. mode/
pp4l [-o+b Whoracle *!*theoracle@*whoracle.org] by vap0r [11:25] <pheco> .-. Whoracle was kicked off #pp4l by vap0r (Whoracle: i give you mad props for that....) [11:25] <Siks6Siks> what im saying is that being a gangsta does not mean your a good fuckin emcee [11:25] <sonic||> pheo bud is pasting to him...what a girl [11:25] <bud`> i am?
[11:25] <Siks6Siks> i agree eminem sold the fuck out [11:25] <pheco> actualy Whoracle as pasting i hmself [11:25] <sonic||> Sik6iks: well the rest of the world thinks 50 cent is a fantastic MC....just because your in your lil Underground phase dosen't mean he dosen't have skill [11:26] <Siks6Siks> i listen to the reup - and that shit was trash [11:26] <sonic||>peco: wtf?
[11:26] <sonic||> Whoracl you fake sonic friend [11:26] <Whoracle> [02/06/07 09:25:01] * Attempting to rejoin channel #pp4l [11:26] <Whoracle> [02/06/07 09:25:01] * Unable to join channel (address is banned) [11:26] <sonic||> pasting my shit
[11:26] <pheco> wireless keyboard batteries are dead [11:26] * Dani has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:26] <Dani>12Hello, 4http://brain-training.skyblog.com [11:26] * Dani has left #FriendsOfSonic [11:26] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - REAL fucking emcees KNOW that 50cent is not a REAL emcee [11:26] * vap0r has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:27] <vap0r> O sonic's dick
[11:27] <vap0r> |_
[11:27] <vap0r> |
[11:27] <vap0r> O vap0r's dick
[11:27] <vap0r> |_________
[11:27] <vap0r> | Thats right [11:27] <sonic||> Siks6Sik your definition of "REAL emcee" is pseudo intellectual white/black rappers from the underground...i don't want to hear some uneducate fuck rapping about life and how he dosent want to be dr. because its not for him [11:27] * vap0r has left #FriendsOfSonic [11:27] <jc> i think vap0r is gay fyi
[11:27] <Siks6Siks> lol
[11:27] <jc> he is obsessed with sonic's manhood [11:27] * ke has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:27] <sonic||> ke get the fuck out.
[11:27] <sonic||> you fucking racist piece of shit. [11:27] <bud`> lol
[11:27] <ke> lol
[11:27] <sonic||> i will shun you like they did in high school. [11:27] <sonic||> you comedy troll.
[11:27] <jc> ke = transvestite?
[11:27] <sonic||> ke is a dorky lookin girl with thin lips [11:27] <Siks6Siks> so your saying, the emcees that can really flow, and can fucking spit some metaphors and have something to say, are the uneducated ones?
[11:28] <ke> i'm a fucking fat fuck
[11:28] <ke> no one likes me
[11:28] <Siks6Siks> not the fucking "gangsta" that dropped out of highschool to sell crack? [11:28] <ke> so i come to irc for pity
[11:28] <ke> ok?
[11:28] <pheco> <3 ke
[11:28] <jc> ke gtf
[11:28] <jc> o
[11:28] <sonic||>e: either you JOIN WITH ME...or you get the fuck out and leave me alone [11:28] <ke> jc, stfu
[11:28] <ke> sonic||: i'm not here for you ok? [11:28] <sonic||> ke you better respect jc he is a #ytmnd op he will ban your ugly ass [11:28] <ke> stop thinking so highly of yourself [11:28] <pheco> hahah
[11:28] <ke> OMG BAN ME OHNOES
[11:28] <ke> OMG BAN ME OHNOES
[11:28] <ke> OMG BAN ME OHNOES
[11:28] <ke> OMG BAN ME OHNOES
[11:28] <pheco> #ytmnd sucks
[11:28] <ke> OMG BAN ME OHNOES
[11:28] <ke> OMG BAN ME OHNOES
[11:28] <sonic||> ke: of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:28] <ke> OMG BAN ME OHNOES
[11:28] <sonic||>e: of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:28] <sonic||> of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:28] <sonic||>k: of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:28] <sonic||> k of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:28] <sonic||> e of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:28] <pheco> ytmnd.com sucks
[11:28] <sonic||> ke: of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:28] <sonic||> ke: of course you have a crush on me...just look at the pics of me when i was thin...what girl wouldn't fall in love with me
[11:29] <pheco> ke is my internet girlfriend [11:29] <ke> i wouldn't fucking take you home to my mom, let alone touch you [11:29] <ke> k?
[11:29] <Siks6Siks> ke - what about vap0r? [11:29] <ke> i've been down with vap0r for years [11:29] <sonic||>e: yeah right if i weighed 150 pounds and looked like an abercrombie model like I do today, you sure as hell would impress the shit outta your thin lipped caucasian mommy [11:29] <Siks6Siks> and you would take him home to momma [11:29] <pheco> sonic| pics
[11:29] <sonic||> k http://www.starsfirst.com/pp4lexposed.jpg <---THIS YOUR BOY? [11:30] <jc> ke why aren't you in #ytmnd [11:30] <bud`> those thin pics arent you they have brown eyes you gigantic fucking obese seacow [11:30] <sonic||> pheco don't harp me
[11:30] <jc> ke have you touched vap0rs penis [11:30] <sonic||>c: shes a 'DORK WHO KNOWS HER PLACE' [11:30] <sonic||> ke vap0r has the hots for me [11:30] <sonic||> everyone knows it
[11:30] <ke> lul
[11:30] <sonic||> and of course you do
[11:30] <pheco> sonic| i want to see your abercrombie body as you put it [11:30] <sonic||> Miss "LUL" girl
[11:30] <sonic||> ke am i giving you the "lulz" ? [11:30] <sonic||> pheco: hold on
[11:30] <pheco> sweet
[11:31] <ke> jc: because #ytmnd is for faggots [11:31] <sonic||> vap0rs a faggot
[11:31] <sonic||> ke your have no lips
[11:31] <sonic||> NO LIPS
[11:31] <sonic||> how can i kiss that?
[11:31] <sonic||> unless i want some caucasian lovin [11:31] <ke> hey dude. i'll take thin lips anyday over stretch marks and fatrollz [11:31] <ke> k?
[11:31] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - so in your mind racial slurs are off limits, but homophobic remarks are acceptable? [11:31] <sonic||> k i dont have stretch marks [11:31] <ke> lul
[11:31] <sonic||> and i weigh 200 lbs [11:31] * ke has left #FriendsOfSonic
[11:31] * sonic|| has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection[11:32] <Siks6Siks> goddamnit
[11:32] * sonic|| has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:32] <Siks6Siks> wb sonic||
[11:32] <sonic||> DUDE MY MOUSE DIED
[11:32] <jc> great now we lost the transvestite [11:32] <Siks6Siks> srlys sonic
[11:32] <Siks6Siks> [11:31] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - so in your mind racial slurs are off limits, but homophobic remarks are acceptable?
[11:32] <Siks6Siks> [11:31] <sonic||> ke: i dont have stretch marks [11:32] <sonic||>iks6Sik you don't think that maybe vap0r has the hots for me? look at his site...he has a whole section of pics of me...he has been hounding me for almost a year [11:33] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| i HONESTLY dont care if somone i talk to on irc wants to fuck you [11:33] <sonic||> hold on
[11:33] <sonic||> im trying to fix my mouse [11:33] <sonic||> Siks
[11:33] <sonic||> to change the subject [11:33] <sonic||> have you heard any of my raps before? [11:33] <sonic||> i spit pretty underground [11:33] <scav> 18:14 sonic||> Siks6Siks: go do some research like I have...look at peoples myspaces from European countries....ALMOST EVERY ONE OF THEM fancies 2pac, ect... The Game..... [11:34] <scav> HAHHAHAHAHAAH
[11:34] <Siks6Siks> u want me to be honest? [11:34] <scav> HAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAAHAHAHAH [11:34] <scav> "research myspace"
[11:34] <scav> sonic||: newsflash
[11:34] <pheco> sonic| pix plz
[11:34] <scav> there are 99% losers on myspace [11:34] <sonic||> siks6siks: if your goign to diss dog...PLEASE HOMIE...i got mad skills on the mic [11:34] <sonic||> pheco my mouse is broken [11:34] <sonic||> i cant move
[11:35] <sonic||> its on p0r.org
[11:35] <sonic||> sonic section
[11:35] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - maybe you can flow, but from what i've heard, your skills are lacking [11:35] <scav> sonic||: NOFX kicks the shit out of your lozy rappers anyday [11:35] <sonic||> dont act like u havent seen it [11:35] <Siks6Siks> your ryhmes are like [11:35] <scav> not there?
[11:35] <Siks6Siks> cat, bat,fat
[11:35] <Siks6Siks> too simple
[11:35] <scav> lol
[11:35] <Siks6Siks> and no real content [11:35] <Siks6Siks> swimmin in wimmin
[11:35] <sonic||>iks6Siks: well those are all my first flows...i have a new one where my skills excell [11:35] <sonic||>iks6Siks: i like that style though [11:35] <pheco> sonic| those are old [11:35] <sonic||> pheco: stop hounding me man gtfo [11:35] <pheco> give me a pic right now [11:35] <sonic||> shut up faggot
[11:35] <Siks6Siks> theres a difference between reppin old skool, and just having mad simple flow [11:35] <sonic||> your gay identity revealed itself [11:36] <sonic||> why do you want to see a RECENT PIC of a DUDE [11:36] <sonic||> get real homo
[11:36] <pheco> because you are a liar
[11:36] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - so in your mind racial slurs are off limits, but homophobic remarks are acceptable? [11:36] <scav> so homo = wrong now?
[11:36] <pheco> and you're still fat
[11:36] <sonic||> siks6siks: i'll take your criticism respectfully....like I said i'm just starting out [11:36] <pheco> my guess, even fatter
[11:36] <sonic||>hec you wanted to make peace with me and wondered why i talk shit to you look at you now [11:36] <scav> even fatter?
[11:36] <scav> pheco: is that possible? [11:36] <Siks6Siks> thats fine, and im not trying to be hatefull [11:36] <pheco> <sonic||> shut up faggot [11:36] <pheco> thats why
[11:36] <pheco> dont shit talk me
[11:37] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - so how do you feel about racial slurs? [11:37] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: I think only I am allowed to be racist.... [11:37] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: i'm an aryan god [11:37] <Siks6Siks> no, your black
[11:37] <Whoracle> hey, ain't nothing wrong with pheco if he is down with the cock and not the cootar. [11:37] <sonic||> regardless of what scav says i look ARYAN [11:37] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i have a very small percentage of black in me...i'm 90% white. [11:37] <sonic||> i look 110% white
[11:37] <sonic||> 110% aryan that is
[11:37] <Siks6Siks> i thought you were 30% black? [11:37] <sonic||> my dad was a full blooded irish man [11:37] <bud`> 100% jew
[11:38] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: i never said that [11:38] <scav> sonic||: YOU DONT LOOK ARYAN! GET OVER IT [11:38] <Siks6Siks> [11:03] <sonic||> im about 70% aryan [11:38] <scav> you look like shit
[11:38] <scav> srsly
[11:39] <scav> Siks6Siks: the las 30% are PIG [11:40] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - my main concern, is you call all these people out for using racial slurs, but you use them also, and slurs for homosexuals
[11:40] <sonic||> sddfsdf
[11:40] <sonic||> dude
[11:40] <sonic||> vista problems
[11:40] <sonic||> ok i have one thing to say [11:41] <Siks6Siks> fuck vista
[11:41] <sonic||> this is my main point here [11:41] <scav> vista is aproblem :D
[11:41] <scav> UNIX > vista
[11:41] <scav> tbh
[11:41] * Whoracle slaps scav around a bit with a large trout [11:41] <scav> wth :(
[11:41] <scav> its true
[11:41] <Whoracle> dude, vista is teh owns. FTW. [11:41] <Siks6Siks> im on xp, till i dont know, but after xp im sure i'll be on some sort of *nix [11:41] <sonic||> http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/hzi30ffxg3.jpg <----This pic is misleading...i was extremely overweight at the time....and it is the most commonly used pic when people make images or ytmnds about me....i look like a total fool...and i always knew it was a horrible pic
[11:41] <Whoracle> people stood in LINE for that shit! [11:41] <sonic||> let em finish
[11:41] <sonic||> me
[11:41] <sonic||> I put that pic
[11:41] <sonic||> on the net
[11:41] <scav> Siks6Siks: you should, and ill help you if you are new to it :) [11:42] <sonic||> just to fuck with people [11:42] <sonic||> I wanted to look like an aryan wanna-be [11:42] <sonic||> I fucked with all you guys [11:42] <sonic||> with my videos
[11:42] <sonic||> http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/lol.gif <---Look at this one [11:42] <sonic||> i'm making fun of myself [11:42] <sonic||> i don't care
[11:42] <sonic||> i know who i am
[11:42] <bud`> Irish people have terrible genes. always die prematurely. shit they rarely survived voyages to other lands [11:42] <sonic||> its fun to make fun of yourself [11:42] <Siks6Siks> scav - lol one thing i know, is when i do switch to *nix - all you *nix lovers will help :) [11:42] <bud`> would get tossed overboard like trash [11:42] <sonic||>ud hahaha so true.... [11:42] <scav> Siks6Siks: yep, the community is the shit :) [11:42] <sonic||> bud i wish the Irish would've done more [11:43] * Kata has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:43] <Kata> hello everyone
[11:43] <sonic||>ud`: but the irish women....ahhh so worth it...they are sexy as hell [11:43] <scav> Siks6Siks: check this out http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html [11:43] <scav> its the grim reality of vista [11:43] <Kata> some are sonic ... most are fat and drunk [11:43] <Kata> im irish :
[11:43] <Siks6Siks> scav - ha i read that yesterday [11:43] <Siks6Siks> scary shit
[11:43] <sonic||>cav: you can't tell me this isn't an irish aryan god http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/sexyback.jpg [11:43] <scav> yes
[11:43] <scav> pissed me off tbh
[11:43] <Siks6Siks> drm amkes me sad :( [11:43] <sonic||> scav: i look pure aryan in that pic...no mixed looks at all. [11:43] <Kata> naw that dude isnt really hot [11:43] <sonic||> or how about this pic..... [11:43] <scav> no u dont
[11:44] <sonic||> Kat shut the fuck up [11:44] <Kata> was that you befor you were this sonic?

[11:44] <Kata>     _____________
[11:44] <Kata>       ...____         .-----..
[11:44] <Siks6Siks> the backwars hat makes you look mixed
[11:44] <Kata>                     -'    .     ``:--.
[11:44] <scav> you look like a fuckin ass
[11:44] <Kata>                   .'.         '  '    \,      ....______a:f
[11:44] <Kata>                  /       .    `  .  (* \
[11:44] <Kata>                 : .  `.  :  ,)  .::../  k
[11:44] <Kata>                ) ..aaa8Y88aP/ <d888aaL_::)
[11:44] <Kata>              .'a888Y8888888b\  )  `^88: "
[11:44] <Kata>            .'.a8888)  """"   `'    d88
[11:44] <sonic||>ca i look IRISH do you even know what an irish person looks like?
[11:44] <Kata>           (a888888/                "`
[11:44] <Kata>           `Y888PP'

[11:44] <Kata> i do
[11:44] <sonic||> Sik6iks: i don't give a fuck i'm keepin it real [11:44] <Kata> i just have to look in the mirror [11:44] <sonic||>kaa: but your an ugly irc freak, gtfo [11:44] <sonic||> irish people can be ugly too [11:44] <sonic||> thank god i'm not
[11:44] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - you are NOT keeping it real [11:44] <sonic||> Sik6iks: you want to talk shit mr.underground atmosphere dick sucker? [11:44] <sonic||> Siks6Sik http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/l_a89db3d3070f6255a56864d2fdf015d5.jpg <---too gangsta for you [11:45] <Siks6Siks> one second your spouting this aryan bullshit, the next you say how proud you are of your balck heritige [11:45] <sonic||> my homies are crips
[11:45] <Kata> haha ugly irc freak...
[11:45] <sonic||> Siks6iks IM MIXED...it happens moron [11:45] <Kata> that makes me giggle
[11:45] <scav> sonic||: half my family are scotish/irish you dipshit :p [11:45] <scav> sonic||: half my family are scotish/irish you dipshit :p [11:45] <scav> sonic||: half my family are scotish/irish you dipshit :p [11:45] <scav> sonic||: half my family are scotish/irish you dipshit :p [11:45] <scav> stupid toad
[11:45] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - im a grown fuckin man, gangsta's dont impress me [11:45] <sonic||> scav: so? i know plenty of irish people who have never even SEEN other irish people besides their own family. [11:45] <sonic||>iks6Siks: well my bad then [11:45] <Kata> so if your on irc that makes you a freak... SO all in all your a fat freak that looks like a manatee [11:45] <scav> sonic||: and?
[11:45] <Siks6Siks> tell your fuckin crip buddies to get a fuckin job [11:45] <sonic||>iks6Siks: i'm only 22 [11:45] <sonic||> Sik6Siks you try and front on crips? you aint an O.G. man...you can't be old and keep it real...old man [11:46] <Siks6Siks> lol
[11:46] <Siks6Siks> the only thing i keep it real to is being myself [11:46] <sonic||> go listen to your pseudo intellectual underground MC raps from guys that have no college education..... [11:46] <Siks6Siks> and im not a fucking gangsta [11:46] <Siks6Siks> im a fuckin productive member of society [11:46] <Kata> sonic what are you doing with your college education? [11:46] <sonic||> scav: i have hundreds of Irish friends online.....i know what irish people look like, trust me [11:46] <sonic||> scav: people tell me i look irish all the time [11:46] <sonic||> scv celtics are aryans [11:46] <sonic||> pwnd
[11:47] <sonic||> trying to undermine me with your european mutt ancestry [11:47] <sonic||> what a fag
[11:47] <sonic||> stay in norway
[11:47] <sonic||> homo
[11:47] <Siks6Siks> lol
[11:47] <scav> okey, you win
[11:47] <Kata> who says "pwnd" these days [11:47] <scav> i have no idea
[11:47] <sonic||> kat WHO ARE YOU? GTFO [11:47] <scav> sonic||: if i want to, i can carry a kilt [11:47] <Kata> im kata
[11:47] <Kata> :)
[11:47] <scav> can you carry a kilt?
[11:47] <scav> no, cuz you are just some random whitetrash+pig breed [11:47] <Kata> and im sorry i dont know the IRC lingo to "GTFO??" [11:47] <Siks6Siks> go listen to your pseudo intellectual underground MC raps from guys that have no college education..... - how many gangsta rappers have even graduated from college? [11:48] <Kata> lmao tru.dat
[11:48] <sonic||>iks6Sik DO THEY RAP ABOUT PSEUDO INTELLECTUALNESS??? NO [11:48] <Siks6Siks> err high school
[11:48] <sonic||> siks6siks: they rap about LIFE IN THE STREETS [11:48] <sonic||>iks6Siks: I've heard underground MCs call themselves "Scholars" before...its all bullshit. [11:48] <Kata> wait wait let me rap about life in the streets.... [11:48] <Siks6Siks> they talk about poisening there communities with violence and drugs [11:48] <Siks6Siks> and you seem to think thats fucking cool [11:49] <Kata> so true
[11:49] <scav> sonic||: rapping about hoes, blingbling, cars and bitches is "life in the streets"? [11:49] <sonic||>iks6Siks: its because thats all they know....and i spit gangster rap and my new song is gangster....i dont give a fuck....im mainstream with it
[11:49] <scav> common, even i know life in the streets lack hoes, fancy cars and blingbling [11:49] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: and btw i like my rhyme style..... [11:49] <Siks6Siks> if there was some "gangstas" around me, poisoning my community THEN i might get gangster on them [11:49] <sonic||> the streets DO NOT lack hoes [11:49] <Kata> mainstream with it lmao where can i buy your cd !!! [11:49] <sonic||> all the mexican gangsters in l.a. [11:49] <sonic||> have PLENTY of "hinas" [11:50] <sonic||> aka hoes
[11:50] <sonic||> latina girls are plenty in the hood [11:50] <Siks6Siks> and?
[11:50] <Kata> plenty nasty
[11:50] <sonic||> latinos make babies like theres no tommorow [11:50] <sonic||>at LEAVE U FUCKIN NOBODY [11:50] <scav> sonic||: you even fail in math lol [11:50] <sonic||> i'm ignoring kata
[11:50] <Siks6Siks> how about this sonic|| - can they keep an honest relationship with a woman? [11:50] <sonic||> its probably vap0r
[11:50] <sonic||>ca i've always failed in math [11:50] <Siks6Siks> or support htier kids? [11:50] <Kata> haha WOOO im Vap0r!
[11:50] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: I'm not looking for 50 cent to adopt me...dipshit.

[11:50] <Kata>  _______  .__                      __________.__                               
[11:50] <Kata>  \      \ |__| ____   _________    \______   \  |   ____ _____    ______ ____  
[11:50] <Kata>  /   |   \|  |/ ___\ / ___\__  \    |     ___/  | _/ __ \\__  \  /  ___// __ \ 

[11:50] <Kata> / | \ / /_/ > /_/ > __ \_ | | | |_\ ___/ / __ \_\___ \\ ___/ [11:50] <Kata> \____|__ /__\___ /\___ (____ / |____| |____/\___ >____ /____ >\___ > [11:50] <Kata> \/ /_____//_____/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ [11:50] <Siks6Siks> your a young kid, whos confised, and looking up to all the wrong people [11:51] <sonic||> hahaha yeah right
[11:51] <Kata> i so am
[11:51] <sonic||> mainstream hip hop is SO enjoyable [11:51] <scav> so am i
[11:51] <sonic||> all the cool kids love mainstream [11:51] <scav> sonic||: plz go OD
[11:51] <scav> plzplzplzpl
[11:51] <Kata> awsome i so not cool
[11:51] <Kata> and im glad
[11:51] <sonic||>cav: jealous? i look more aryan than u [11:51] <Kata> ill take my prodigy anyday [11:51] <sonic||>ca my blue eyes would blind u if they reflect sunlight [11:51] <Kata> i like when aryan guys lick my balls [11:51] <Kata> sonic ill give you 50$
[11:51] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - are they cool because thet let the media and mtv force feed bad music to them, and they smile and ask for more? thats whats fucking cool now? [11:52] <scav> sonic||: all my friends have blue eyes.... [11:52] <scav> im used to it
[11:52] <sonic||> i'm sorry Siks...but i'm looking to chill with some down ass hoes who like rap...and they don't like stupid ass Atmosphere...they like 2pac...the game..ect....im down for chicks who can like hip hop [11:52] <scav> sonic||: 2pac shot cops... is that cool? [11:52] <sonic||>ca sounds like caucasian creepyness...i don't like people with colored eyes too much [11:52] neritz has joined #FriendsOfSonic [11:52] <Kata> didnt you say you were a mainstream gangsta rapper? [11:52] <Kata> now you like hip hop
[11:52] <Kata> woo
[11:52] <sonic||> scav: when did 2pac shoot cops? he was never in a gagn [11:52] <sonic||> gang

[11:52] <scav> Kata: he has like 10 personalities [11:52] <scav> sonic||: lol, you rly did not know that? :D [11:52] <scav> hahaa
[11:52] <scav> this is just to good
[11:53] <Kata> ohh yea i forgot!
[11:53] <scav> Dr.Pd Rap Sonic did not know 2pac was a banger [11:53] <Kata> Dj biscotti here
[11:53] <Kata> ...
[11:53] <sonic||> sca nope, i'm happy being an aryan in my neighborhood....on one side of the block u can find mexicans and blacks on the other...all high class rich white women....its a nice diversity...u live in ARYAN CREEPVILLE where all the white people look like they've been genetically engineered cuz they all have colored eyes [11:53] <Siks6Siks> pac went to art college with jada picket smith [11:53] <Siks6Siks> thats pretty "hood" [11:54] <sonic||>iks6Siks: pac wasn't only about the hood...he only was when he signed with Death Row...that was whats great about him...he was a poet
[11:54] <Siks6Siks> colored eyes are bad? [11:54] <scav> sonic||: i got about, 20 friends from somalia :) [11:54] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i prefer brown eyed roman [11:54] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - dont even fucking DREAM of schooling me on pac [11:54] <Siks6Siks> i was listening to pac when you were sucking on your mommys tits [11:54] <sonic||>cav: and you say I have multiple personalities? one minute ur talkin about all your friend are aryan...the next "20" TWENTY? FRIENDS from Somalia? jesus sounds like u made up that number...ur full of shit [11:55] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i doubt it...Pac came out on Death Row when I was like 14.... [11:55] <Siks6Siks> most well rounded people have freinds from other races [11:55] <sonic||> Pac was a virtual nobody before that [11:55] <scav> sonic||: thats cuz i wanna see you cry., racials are for idiots [11:55] <sonic||> scav: LOL...funny norwegian [11:55] <sonic||> white people can be funny sometimes [11:55] <scav> sonic||: you know 2oac was a homo? [11:55] <Siks6Siks> pac was a nobody b4 death row????? [11:55] <sonic||> my best friend was a wealthy pole and he lives in a mansion community [11:55] <sonic||>iks6Sik to the mainstream world at least.... [11:56] <Siks6Siks> like i said
[11:56] <Siks6Siks> i was listening to him b4 you ever even heard of him [11:56] <Siks6Siks> so dont try tellin me shit [11:56] <Siks6Siks> and if you ask me, 2pac was one of the last great gangster rappers [11:56] <sonic||> Listen Mr.Underground....when your discussing how much hip hop reaches to the masses (worldwide) please don't include underground raps that only canadians and american pseudo intellectual hip hopper b-boys listen to that are trying to "real" with the "hip hop"
[11:56] <Siks6Siks> he was an acutall artist [11:57] <sonic||>iks6Siks: i agree [11:57] <sonic||> noone can compare to 2pac [11:57] <sonic||> he had that energy
[11:57] <sonic||> and he was a sick poet [11:57] <Siks6Siks> when your discussing how much hip hop reaches to the masses - that was you talking about that, not i [11:57] <Siks6Siks> i feel that when it comes to music - the "masses" are sheep for the most part [11:57] <Siks6Siks> they ENJOY being told what to like [11:58] <sonic||> (scav) sonic||: you know 2oac was a homo? <---LOL YEA! And Hitler was a Gay Jew! And Reptilian men live underground and enslave us! And jews are their offsprings! [11:58] <sonic||> and lets not forget 9/11 was done by bush [11:58] <sonic||> internet conspiracy theories [11:58] <sonic||> i have no time for that bullshit [11:59] <scav> sonic||: he was gay..
[11:59] <sonic||> 2pac was gay...hitler was a jew...bush did 9/11....reptilians live underground and enslave humanity....is that the world u live in?
[11:59] <Siks6Siks> <sonic||> go listen to your pseudo intellectual underground MC raps from guys that have no college education..... - (aesop rock) is a graduate of Boston University where he studied painting. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeso p_rock#Personal_life
[11:59] <sonic||> lets not forget the holocaust was done by jews [11:59] <Siks6Siks> um, hitler DID have jewish blood [11:59] <sonic||> Siks6Sik i do not care about underground Mcs right now...i cant stand them [12:00] <Siks6Siks> well i was just pointing out where you were wrong [12:00] <scav> sonic||: he was gay
[12:00] <scav> cant you face it?
[12:00] <Siks6Siks> the people i listen to, actually are what they say they are [12:00] <sonic||> scv he did hump a blow up doll on stage in a g-string but i don't think he was gay [12:00] <sonic||>cav: although he does look a lil homo [12:00] <Siks6Siks> lol
[12:00] <Siks6Siks> wtf
[12:01] <Siks6Siks> 2pac looked like your gangster idols [12:01] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: the Game is a blood and was rumored to be involved in a shooting involving Suge Knight [12:01] <Siks6Siks> how did he look homo [12:01] <Siks6Siks> and?
[12:01] <Siks6Siks> listen sonic||
[12:01] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: read up about the Game on wikipedia...that man is real [12:01] <Siks6Siks> I DONT CARE WHO THE FUCK IS IN A GANG [12:01] <Siks6Siks> does it take talent or skill to be a gang banger??? [12:02] <sonic||> (Siks6Siks) the people i listen to, actually are what they say they are <----I was talking in response to what you said.....you seem to be implying that gangster rappers aren't what they say they are.... [12:02] <Siks6Siks> if i REALLY wanted to i could go be a gangsta and make nothing of my life [12:02] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| im saying MOST rappers are 90% bullshit [12:02] <sonic||> ok i should be getting to bed [12:02] <sonic||> lets end this conversation [12:02] <Siks6Siks> is there some that are gangsters? sure [12:02] <scav> sonic||: he was gay
[12:03] <scav> sonic||: he was gay
[12:03] <scav> sonic||: he was gay
[12:03] <scav> sonic||: he was gay
[12:03] <scav> sonic||: he was gay
[12:03] <sonic||>iks6Sik i'm still a real ass kid who has been around gangsters, graffiti artists, and was nearly shot in a home invasion robbery...so i'm gonna spit gangsta rhymes is that ok with u? [12:03] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: or should I spit about my Harvard degree and how i'm a scholar and know everything about life....and talk about 'subliminals' and shit and be underground? [12:03] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - do you man - but i honestly suggest you work on your style, try un simplify it a bit [12:03] <sonic||> degree (whcih i dont have) [12:03] <sonic||> siks6siks: right now, i'm diggin my flows.... [12:03] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - how about you get that degree and spit with intellegence and say something? [12:04] <sonic||>Siks6iks: i'm not here to compete with Atmosphere or anyone else [12:04] <sonic||> siks6siks: i'm just doing it for fun.... [12:04] <sonic||>iks6Siks: so your critique may seem ok for you to me...but i really don't care [12:04] <Siks6Siks> well practice up man, cuz you need work [12:04] <sonic||> siks6siks: I don't want a college degree....I live by myself....I get money from the government...do web design whenever i want to buy something new...and make money from my niche websites...which makes me like $40 a day...im set for life man
[12:05] <sonic||> haha
[12:05] <sonic||> i think your full of shit [12:05] <sonic||> my shits ill
[12:05] <Siks6Siks> why do you get $ from the government [12:05] <pheco> bc he is crazy
[12:05] <sonic||> for having a mental disorder [12:05] <Siks6Siks> and they pay you for that? [12:05] <sonic||> pheco: ignored. beer drinking loser. have fun with Mr.arab synth...poor guy is part arab and white....how confusing that must be.
[12:06] <sonic||>Siks6iks: they better..i would be a burden to the work place. [12:06] <Siks6Siks> ...poor guy is part arab and white....how confusing that must be.is it as confusing as having all this aryan pride and black pride at the same time? [12:06] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: we have a good government [12:06] <Siks6Siks> our gvmnt is fucked [12:06] <sonic||>iks6Siks: not really :) blacks are immensly popular right now, more popular than whites....white kids are dying to dress up like black guys.....its a good mix :) [12:07] <sonic||> pwnd
[12:07] <Siks6Siks> pwnd?
[12:07] <pheco> sonic you are black and white [12:07] <pheco> oreo
[12:07] <Siks6Siks> im pwnd because im white? [12:07] <sonic||> look at pheco
[12:07] <sonic||> hes so pissed
[12:07] <sonic||> that i dissed him
[12:07] <sonic||> and his crew so hard
[12:07] <sonic||> he has to sit in here [12:07] <sonic||> and lash out at me
[12:07] <sonic||> Sik6Siks no
[12:07] <sonic||>iks6Sik i would never say that [12:07] <Siks6Siks> than how exactly am i pwnd? [12:07] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: pwnd because you implyed that i might be confused....when I don't think black +white is a confusing mix
[12:08] <Siks6Siks> but you assume his mixed raced is? [12:08] <sonic||> arab+white....the arab gene is dominant and makes you LOOK ARAB..... [12:08] <sonic||> my point
[12:08] <sonic||> is there
[12:08] <Siks6Siks> what is your obsession with race? [12:08] <sonic||> black people are the only race capable of creating a pale skinned offspring in a mixed couple setting [12:08] <sonic||>iks6Sik i have no obsession....people are of different races...im mixed...so why not study my heritadge? i have pride man
[12:09] <Siks6Siks> i guess i just dont understand pride in a race [12:09] <sonic||> see one reason why i'm not glad i'm full white...is because white people are so confused nowadays....somethin like 60% of white kids are dressing up like their favorite black rapper and dont give a SHIT about their own heritadge...thats weak
[12:09] <Siks6Siks> it suggests that a certain race is better than another [12:10] <Siks6Siks> have you ever thought that its more about the music than the race? [12:10] <sonic||>iks6Sik not really....the mix is nice....the blackness gave me rhythm...and the ability to flow and sound good
[12:10] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - when you flow you sound white [12:10] <sonic||>iks6Siks: I have black pride....and I see so many white fools copying black rappers....fuck that shit....you can suck the black dick if u wanna be like that..... [12:10] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: when i say shit like 'prevail' 'exhale' 'inhale' you can hear the negroe in that [12:10] <sonic||> you'll hear it on my next shit [12:10] <Siks6Siks> you still dont understand [12:10] <sonic||> but i don't want to show you [12:10] <sonic||> you dissed my shit
[12:11] <Siks6Siks> hip hop is NOT ABOUT RACE [12:11] <sonic||> to me it is...
[12:11] <Siks6Siks> its bigger than that [12:11] <sonic||> i'm part black for a reasona [12:11] <Siks6Siks> lol wtf
[12:11] <sonic||> i'm part black for a reason [12:11] <sonic||> and i'm going to defend that [12:11] <Siks6Siks> so..... painting is about being white? [12:11] <Siks6Siks> its a fucking art form [12:11] <sonic||> white suckers want to be black? they can kiss my dads black cock and worship him. [12:11] <sonic||> Sik6iks: are only white people doing paintings nowadays? nope [12:12] <Siks6Siks> thats your fucking point? [12:12] <Siks6Siks> so - only black people rap right? [12:12] <sonic||> Siks6iks I don't consider your underground hip hop to be hip hop...its nonsense psuedo intellectual bullshit to me. i know what the real hip hop is...it may be mainstream and that may sound corny but whatever i'm fine with it [12:12] <sonic||>Siks6iks: one of the reasons I spit is because i'm part black..... [12:12] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: and I want to represent that.... [12:13] <sonic||> siks6siks: i know a kid whose mom married a black guy after she divorced his father...he said he started spitting because the black guy got in the picture....which is lame as fuck....but thats kind of what i'm dealing with [12:13] <Siks6Siks> you really have to explain to me why underground isntrea hip-hop [12:13] <sonic||> pl
[12:13] <sonic||> ok
[12:13] <sonic||> I used to listen to it [12:13] <sonic||> those guys
[12:13] <sonic||> have nothing to say
[12:13] <Siks6Siks> seems to me, that the underground is representing hip hop roots far more-so than most mainstream shit right now
[12:13] <sonic||> ok
[12:13] <sonic||> thats true
[12:13] <sonic||> but i'm with the mainstream [12:13] <sonic||> u gotta feel me on that [12:13] <Siks6Siks> and thats fine
[12:13] <Siks6Siks> your into mainstream [12:13] <Siks6Siks> do your thing
[12:14] <Siks6Siks> but hip-hop was created, being NOT mainstream [12:14] <sonic||> yeah so don't expect me to be defending your undergroudn hip hop...you know Nas' illmatic? that was true hip hop to me....at its purest form...almost purer than anything 2pac could've spit [12:14] <Siks6Siks> hip hop isnt about being mainstream [12:14] <Siks6Siks> its about being true [12:14] <Siks6Siks> illmatic was sic
[12:14] <Siks6Siks> no lie there
[12:14] <sonic||> Siks6iks those black rappers guys that invented hip hop would've LOVED to sell out to a record company and get rich.....their poor
[12:15] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: ok i'm using Nas' It Aint Hard To Tell as a measuring stick for my rhymes..... [12:15] <sonic||> keep that in mind
[12:15] <sonic||> i look up to nas
[12:15] <Siks6Siks> k.....
[12:15] <sonic||> hes sick to me
[12:15] <sonic||> i'm trying to spit the realness [12:15] <Siks6Siks> wow
[12:15] <Siks6Siks> listen
[12:15] <sonic||> i've also listened to his old school boy Cormega [12:15] <Siks6Siks> lol
[12:15] <Siks6Siks> nas just rls'd HIP HOP IS dead [12:15] <Siks6Siks> becuase mainstream rap is SHIT right now [12:16] <sonic||>iks6Sik you want to know why Nas really released an album titled 'hip hop is dead' ? [12:16] <Siks6Siks> plz enlighten me
[12:16] <sonic||> iks6Sik: Nas came out with illmatic...it was hard as fuck and real as fuck...record companies sold him out and they tried to make him commercial....Jay-Z and other people criticized Nas for his weak sell out albums.... [12:16] <sonic||> the record companies decided that what the people wnat is another Illmatic [12:16] <sonic||> thats why he made Stillmatic...which was pretty good.... [12:16] <sonic||> then his next album
[12:17] <sonic||> which i didnt listen to [12:17] <Siks6Siks> stillmatic was shit compared to illmatic [12:17] <sonic||> thats because he lost his groove [12:17] <sonic||> he'll never be illmatic agani [12:17] <sonic||> he isn't that bright
[12:17] <sonic||> again*
[12:17] <sonic||> hes consumed by his wealth [12:17] <sonic||> hes forgotten his roots and what his illmatic was about it [12:17] <Siks6Siks> ok
[12:17] <sonic||> he still hasn't regained that back [12:17] <sonic||> Nas is commercial
[12:17] <sonic||> and has been since after illmatic [12:17] <Siks6Siks> so you dont think thats a problem in general with mainstream music? [12:17] <sonic||> record companies sold him out [12:18] <sonic||> 'Hip Hop Is Dead' is just a ploy to get people like YOU to think 'Oh Nas is spittin the realness' when none of his shit can really compare to the raw ness of illmatic [12:18] <sonic||> although
[12:18] <sonic||> "hip hop is dead' is a great title [12:18] <sonic||> but i bet you he didnt make that up [12:18] <sonic||> i bet you he was coached [12:18] <sonic||> on the whole thing
[12:18] <sonic||> Jay-Z is a master at the mainstream shit [12:18] <sonic||> hes probably the best mainstream rapper ever.... [12:18] <sonic||> because he knows what to do while being mainstream [12:18] <sonic||> jigga is ill
[12:18] * sonic|| was kicked by LaThorax (flood[12:18] * sonic|| has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:18] * sonic|| was kicked by LaGwanda (flood[12:18] * sonic|| has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:19] <sonic||> think about it
[12:19] <sonic||> i'm right
[12:19] <Siks6Siks> what i think when i think of jay-z [12:19] <sonic||> Nas is a wanna-be illmatic, NOW, and has been since the album before stillmatic [12:19] <Siks6Siks> is a guy who admited to the public [12:19] <Siks6Siks> that he had to dumb-down his ryhmes for people like YOU to dig it [12:19] <sonic||> Siks6iks to me, hip hop is also about being flamboyant and arrogant on the mic [12:19] <Siks6Siks> and people fucking eat it up [12:19] * Adair has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:19] <pheco> hi Adair
[12:19] <sonic||>iks6Siks: ever listen to Big L? ALL OF HIS SHIT WAS RAW AND REAL. he never flopped or souled out cuz he died prematurely
[12:19] <pheco> are you a friend of sonic [12:19] <Adair> hi!!!
[12:20] * HaVoC[uK] has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:20] <pheco> he is the coolest!
[12:20] <HaVoC[uK]> fat ass
[12:20] <Siks6Siks> arrogance is part of the essence of hip hop [12:20] <Adair> david dean is a close personal friend of mine [12:20] <pheco> you're lucky
[12:20] <HaVoC[uK]> david dean?
[12:20] <Siks6Siks> battle raps where all about being better than the next guy' [12:20] <sonic||>iks6Sik another reason why I think Hip Hop is black is because...these black artists have the VOICE.....period.
[12:20] <pheco> sonic|| is the one and only david dean [12:20] <Siks6Siks> these black artists have the VOICE.....period. - what does that mean? [12:20] <HaVoC[uK]> arsenal's david dean? [12:20] <sonic||>iks6Siks: and i recognize if I, or any other white rapper were to spit Jiggas rhymes it wouldn't come out as hard as negroe jigga spittin it with his negroe'd up voice [12:21] * {edf}ss has joined #friendsofsonic [12:21] <sonic||>iks6Sik black peoples voice sounds good sometimes when they rap....actually almost all the time..... [12:21] <{edf}ss> lollll
[12:21] <HaVoC[uK]> laffo
[12:21] <HaVoC[uK]> clearly this chan is just for faggots [12:21] * HaVoC[uK] has left #FriendsOfSonic [12:21] <Siks6Siks> that is one of the most retarded stamements i've heard from you [12:21] <pheco> http://p0r.org/sonic.html [12:21] <sonic||> Siks6Sik I GIVE CREDIT to the black man...his aura and his presence and his genetics BROUGHT the tight sounding songs to the table....
[12:21] <Siks6Siks> dont get me wrong, black people invented hip hop [12:21] * shakes has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:21] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: jigga could just speak on the mic, without over exerting himself like 2pac did.....and he could still sound sick...its because he has the voice [12:22] <Siks6Siks> but they dont own the shit [12:22] <{edf}ss> jesus christ why hasn't he changed his nick and hidden from everyone yet? [12:22] <sonic||> bullshit
[12:22] <sonic||> whites are fakes
[12:22] * {edf}ss has left #FriendsOfSonic [12:22] <Siks6Siks> lol
[12:22] <Siks6Siks> fucking faggot ass wanna be gangsters are fake [12:22] <sonic||> leave rapping to the blacks and the occasional talented white rapper like Eminem who comes in like once every decade
[12:22] <Siks6Siks> regardless of color [12:22] <Siks6Siks> see - your problem is [12:22] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] <shakes> OPS PLZ
[12:23] * ElJoe has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:23] <Siks6Siks> you dont care about the quality of music [12:23] <sonic||> Siks6Sik want to take this to an msg? [12:23] * ElJoe has left #FriendsOfSonic [12:23] <Siks6Siks> you just care about the popularity [12:23] <Siks6Siks> not really
[12:23] * shakes has left #FriendsOfSonic [12:23] <sonic||> not true
[12:23] <Siks6Siks> brb
[12:23] <sonic||> I think 50 cent sounds sick [12:23] <sonic||> i think his raps are quality [12:23] <sonic||> sure hes rapping about luxury [12:23] <sonic||> but its nice
[12:23] * ElJoe has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:23] <sonic||> thats what i aspire to have [12:23] <sonic||> and because i was raised with wealth [12:23] * ElJoe has left #FriendsOfSonic [12:23] <sonic||> its a treat to hear a dope rapper rap about louis vuitton and bimmers and shit [12:24] <sonic||> where you raised wealthy? [12:24] <sonic||> anwser me that
[12:25] <Siks6Siks> i was raised middle class [12:25] <Siks6Siks> i have to wonder what that has to do with anything though [12:26] <sonic||> maybe you aren't accustomed to hearing items of wealth in your life [12:26] <sonic||> oh and another thing
[12:26] <Siks6Siks> so sonic|| you said you used to listen to underground shit, then converted to mainstream, id like to know who you use to listen to, and what motived you do listen to less intellegent shit? [12:26] <sonic||> remember how you said i spit rhymes like yo im fat/chill with dat/naw pat... ect...? [12:27] <Siks6Siks> yea
[12:27] <sonic||> your referring to some bars on Made Man Pass [12:27] <sonic||> i did that on PURPOSE [12:27] <sonic||> i wanted the rhymes to COME AT YOU [12:27] <sonic||> with fierceness
[12:27] <sonic||> short bars
[12:27] <sonic||> it was just something i was experimenting with [12:27] <Siks6Siks> i was actually just reffering to everything i heard from you in general [12:27] <sonic||> hmm
[12:27] <sonic||> well i don't think its that extreme [12:27] <sonic||> as you make it sound to be [12:28] <Siks6Siks> yeah, prolly not
[12:28] <sonic||> will you not give me credit at all for at least TRYING? [12:28] <sonic||> it takes balls to spit a rap song [12:28] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| im not hating [12:28] <sonic||> without thinkin ur lame [12:28] <sonic||> ok
[12:28] <sonic||> look
[12:28] <Siks6Siks> i was just telling you what i thought about it [12:28] <sonic||> i could NEVER listen rock and roll [12:28] <sonic||> NEVER.....
[12:28] <sonic||> hip hop will ALWAYS be with me [12:28] <sonic||> and i am part black
[12:28] <sonic||> and i have black family members [12:28] <sonic||> yes im talking about race [12:28] <sonic||> and its cool for me
[12:28] <sonic||> to hear my negroe brethren [12:28] <sonic||> on the come up
[12:28] <sonic||> especially nas's illmatic [12:28] * sonic|| was kicked by LaThorax (flood[12:28] * sonic|| has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:28] * sonic|| was kicked by LaJedd (flood[12:28] * sonic|| has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:29] <sonic||> i can relate to them
[12:29] <sonic||> i may not look black at all [12:29] <sonic||> but its real....i have to live everyday knowing i'm not full white [12:29] <Siks6Siks> you are so constodictory [12:29] <sonic||> and its something i accept [12:29] <sonic||> what does that word mean? [12:29] <Siks6Siks> one minute your sayingyou grew up rich, used to luxery, the next your saying you relate with illmatic [12:29] <sonic||>iks6Sik if your hating on me the fact that i'm genetically related to most rappers out there...then i guess ur just not feelin that
[12:29] <sonic||> I relate to illmatic
[12:29] <sonic||> in the form
[12:30] <sonic||> of his rhyme style
[12:30] <sonic||> It Aint Hard to Tell had no chorus [12:30] <Siks6Siks> sorry- contradictory [12:30] <sonic||> that was real to me
[12:30] <sonic||> no
[12:30] <sonic||> i didnt say his words [12:30] <sonic||> although
[12:30] <sonic||> i dont get what your saying [12:30] <sonic||> nas dosen't just speak about ghetto life [12:30] <sonic||> Didn't you hear his 'Live at the BBQ' debut flow? [12:30] <sonic||> i can't think of it right now [12:30] <sonic||> but he was a lyrcisist [12:30] <Siks6Siks> listen, when i think of illmatic [12:30] <sonic||> barley spoke about the streets [12:31] <Siks6Siks> i think of some raw, gritty real shit [12:31] * Ellis_D has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:31] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - he wasnt talking about yatchts and benzos [12:31] <sonic||> thank god
[12:31] <Siks6Siks> thank god????
[12:31] <sonic||> im going to play Live at the BBQ for you [12:31] <sonic||> Siks6Sik shutup I mean...its good to hear someone who dosent talk about that for a change... [12:31] <Siks6Siks> thats what this mainsteam rap is about [12:31] <Siks6Siks> wealth
[12:31] <Siks6Siks> hoes
[12:31] <Siks6Siks> spinning rims
[12:32] <sonic||> listen, I don't want to hear some nobody wack rapper rap about his lack of wealth.... [12:32] <Siks6Siks> everything is a rap cliche [12:32] <sonic||> i want to hear NAS in his younger days [12:32] <sonic||> thats real shit
[12:32] <sonic||> NAS? come on...
[12:32] <sonic||> hes the king
[12:32] <Siks6Siks> WAS
[12:32] <sonic||> still is cuz he still trys [12:32] <sonic||> haven't you heard 'Black Republicans' with Jay-Z? [12:32] <Siks6Siks> trying is nice, but doesnt mean shit [12:32] <sonic||> Nas comes out pretty sick [12:32] * COOLDEANS has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:32] <bud`> COOL DEANS
[12:32] <Siks6Siks> nas cant touch illmatic [12:33] <sonic||> he could if he wanted to [12:33] <sonic||> wait no
[12:33] <sonic||> he couldnt
[12:33] <sonic||> too rich now
[12:33] <sonic||> im goin to recite some Live at the BBQ verses [12:33] <sonic||> and ill tell u how i relate to Nas's lyrics [12:33] <Siks6Siks> he couldnt put out the same quality if his life depended on it [12:33] <sonic||> "Streets disciple, my raps are trifle, i shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle" [12:33] <COOLDEANS> you have slugs in your brain [12:33] <sonic||> "stampede the stage, i leave the microphone spliffed.." [12:33] <COOLDEANS> doesn't that hurt
[12:34] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: i was raised wealthy but my parents split up [12:34] <sonic||> siks6siks: and i stayed with my mom not my rich dad [12:34] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: i was a 'streets disciple' at one point [12:34] <sonic||> i still am
[12:34] <sonic||> "i shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle" <---thats the kind of shit i aim to spit [12:34] <sonic||> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmMi3P0DHII <---i can relate to nas on this song [12:35] <sonic||> #1 hes black, #2 im part black #3 my dad is black #4 my brother is black #5 my grandma is half black #6 i have homies who are black
[12:35] <COOLDEANS> you aim to spit lies? [12:35] * Ellis_D has quit IRC (Holy shit!![12:35] <COOLDEANS> if you had slugs in your brain [12:35] <pheco> COOLDEANS <3
[12:35] <COOLDEANS> you'd be in real trouble [12:35] <sonic||> if you still sayin i cant relate to him [12:35] <sonic||> then whatever
[12:35] <sonic||> i used to be homeless man [12:35] <sonic||> my mom kicked me out on the streets [12:35] <sonic||> and moved without telling me where she went to [12:35] <pheco> thats a new one
[12:35] <sonic||> i was homeless for 2 years [12:35] <sonic||> i still pimped girls though at the mall [12:35] <Siks6Siks> you were a pimp?
[12:36] <Siks6Siks> and homeless?
[12:36] <sonic||> i've always been nice with the ladies [12:36] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i would take care of myself [12:36] <COOLDEANS> but you hate vaginas [12:36] <Siks6Siks> why didnt you use the money your hoes brought you and payed some rent? [12:36] <COOLDEANS> all the same
[12:36] <sonic||> i would sleep in an alley [12:36] <COOLDEANS> right?
[12:36] <sonic||> dude
[12:36] <sonic||> i only flirted with girls [12:36] <sonic||> at the mall
[12:36] <sonic||> but i did this like every weekend [12:36] <sonic||> i never went anywhere with them [12:36] <pheco> bc ur all about dicks
[12:36] <sonic||> young'ns hang out at the mall on the weekends [12:36] <sonic||> hot girls and shit
[12:36] <sonic||> and i was younger back then [12:36] <sonic||> and plus i was in perfect shape [12:36] <sonic||> the chicks were on my nuts [12:37] <sonic||> but i don't mean to be nostalgic [12:37] <pheco> unlike ur fatass now
[12:37] <COOLDEANS> did that hurt?
[12:37] <sonic||> im just tellin u about my homeless experience [12:37] <Siks6Siks> so flirting with girls = pimp? [12:37] <sonic||> YOU IMPLYED THAT
[12:37] <sonic||> not me
[12:37] <sonic||> oh wait
[12:37] <sonic||> its just a form of expression [12:37] <sonic||> damn your too underground [12:38] <scav> sonic||: you were a pussy [12:38] <Siks6Siks> im fucking cionfused [12:38] <sonic||> anwser me this....how do you expect an EMCEE from the underground to spit somethin u can feel...and be intellectual at the same time...but have no college degree [12:38] <Siks6Siks> confused
[12:38] <scav> im 50cm around my biceps. to me you are not in shape at all [12:38] <sonic||> haha man people no IRC just want to talks hit [12:38] <sonic||> talk shit
[12:38] <sonic||> its because noone goes on IRC except for hardcore nerds [12:38] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - i think that you dont need a degree to spit intellegent [12:38] <sonic||> and usually hardcore nerds are ugly and bitter at that [12:38] <scav> sonic||: so why are you here? [12:38] <sonic||>iks6Sik well you told me earlier i should get a degree and spit intelligent [12:38] <scav> cuz ur not hardcore
[12:38] <Siks6Siks> im def better looking that you sonic ;) [12:39] <scav> you are just fuckin ugly [12:39] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: show me a pic [12:39] <sonic||> if u aint got no pic then dont say that [12:39] <COOLDEANS> sonic are you a hardcore ugly nerd? [12:39] <scav> shut it sonic||
[12:39] <scav> COOLDEANS: he is not hardcore, he is just ugly [12:39] <Siks6Siks> http://myspace-213.vo.llnwd.net/00290/31/21/290361213_m.jpg [12:39] <scav> nerds > sonic||
[12:39] <scav> anyday
[12:39] <Siks6Siks> http://myspace-580.vo.llnwd.net/00422/08/58/422208580_m.jpg [12:39] <COOLDEANS> because if you aren't [12:39] <sonic||> I HIGHL doubt you can compare to this pic http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/sexyback.jpg [12:39] <scav> Siks6Siks: lol
[12:39] <COOLDEANS> gtfo of IRC
[12:39] <Siks6Siks> http://myspace-664.vo.llnwd.net/00484/46/69/484669664_m.jpg [12:39] <sonic||> HIGHLY*
[12:39] <sonic||> ok thats enough dude
[12:39] <scav> sonic||: sec, let me compare to it [12:39] <Siks6Siks> http://myspace-279.vo.llnwd.net/00585/97/29/585999279_m.gif [12:40] <pheco> <sonicc> if you really want to get to know me i love young, (14-15) year old european, (irish mostly) school girls
[12:40] <sonic||> hahaha dude
[12:40] <sonic||> yeah right
[12:40] <scav> sonic||: ur ready
[12:40] <sonic||> you don't look sweet like i do [12:40] <sonic||> chicks are dying to marry me [12:40] <Siks6Siks> lol
[12:40] <COOLDEANS> haha
[12:40] <sonic||> from europe and shit
[12:40] <sonic||> i look handsome
[12:40] <pheco> sonic you look like a sweaty pig [12:40] <scav> for me?
[12:40] <sonic||> u look rugged and caucasian [12:40] <Siks6Siks> k, find some chicks, and let them compare pics [12:40] <Siks6Siks> and see who the like [12:40] <sonic||> no thanks
[12:40] <sonic||> i already know i'm better looking [12:40] <pheco> bc u know u will lose fatass [12:40] <sonic||> http://myspace-213.vo.llnwd.net/00290/31/21/290361213_m.jpg <---You call this a pic??? [12:40] <pheco> just kill yourself
[12:40] <COOLDEANS> :o
[12:41] <COOLDEANS> harsh
[12:41] <COOLDEANS> but fair
[12:41] <Siks6Siks> sorry just throwing some random pics out [12:41] <sonic||> http://myspace-664.vo.llnwd.net/00484/46/69/484669664_m.jpg <---Dude you aint handsome at all you look like some dude who would be tatted up hanging out at indie cafes [12:41] <sonic||> i mean that
[12:41] <sonic||> you aren't handsome at all [12:41] * Adair has left #FriendsOfSonic [12:41] <sonic||> but i'm a guy
[12:41] <sonic||> i'm a bad judge
[12:41] <scav> sonic||: pic of me from work [12:41] <scav> http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:41] <scav> yes im a model sometimes :) [12:41] <Siks6Siks> http://myspace-907.vo.llnwd.net/00290/70/93/290383907_l.jpg [12:41] <sonic||> do you honestly think you are more handsome than the man in this pic ? http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/sexy back.jpg
[12:41] <scav> im so much prettier than u sonic|| [12:41] <neritz> heh
[12:41] <sonic||> are you irish?
[12:41] <scav> sonic||: look at my pic u dushbag [12:41] <scav> http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:41] <Siks6Siks> do you honestly think you are more handsome than the man in this pic ? http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/s exyback.jpg - lol YES
[12:42] <sonic||> you look almost homosexual to be honest [12:42] <COOLDEANS> sonic
[12:42] <COOLDEANS> im hotter than you
[12:42] <COOLDEANS> http://www.nndb.com/people/675/000023606/bakula.jpg [12:42] <COOLDEANS> see
[12:42] <sonic||> you got some shit on your lip [12:42] <sonic||> i aint hatin
[12:42] <sonic||> im just bein honest
[12:42] <Siks6Siks> me?
[12:42] <sonic||> j/k
[12:42] <sonic||> u look straight
[12:42] <sonic||> after i get a better look at u [12:42] <scav> sonic||: ARE YOU HOTTER THAN ME?! [12:42] <scav> lUOLL
[12:42] <sonic||> you look pretty cool man....not someone i would choose as a friend...but whateves [12:42] SN33D has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:42] <sonic||> i'm into hanging out with my irish brethren [12:43] <scav> sonic||: so yoou dare compare to me? [12:43] <COOLDEANS> sonic
[12:43] <scav> lol
[12:43] <COOLDEANS> have you ever been to ireland? [12:43] <sonic||> to be honest sik6siks [12:43] <sonic||> pics of me thin
[12:43] <sonic||> = cream of the crop
[12:43] <sonic||> your a bit deluded in your masculinity [12:43] <COOLDEANS> can you even name more than 3 places in ireland? [12:43] <sonic||> if you think your better looking than me [12:43] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - how can you say if you would have someone as a friend by some pics of them? [12:43] <COOLDEANS> without looking them up [12:43] <sonic||> it sucks you can't fess up and be honest about it [12:44] <Siks6Siks> are you fucking joking me sonic||? [12:44] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i judge people by their lokes [12:44] <sonic||> looks

[12:44] <Siks6Siks> you HONESTLY think you look better than me??? [12:44] <scav> srsly guys
[12:44] <scav> u have all seen sonic
[12:44] <scav> but tbh
[12:44] <sonic||> i wouldn't be caught dead with a non irish whiteboy like you [12:44] <scav> http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:44] <scav> im way over sonic
[12:44] <sonic||> siks6siks: in the pics i have just shown you and this one http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/l_a89db3d3070f625 5a56864d2fdf015d5.jpg definetly yes.
[12:44] <sonic||> its ok....
[12:44] <sonic||> be a man
[12:44] <sonic||> think your the shit
[12:44] <sonic||> its all god
[12:44] <Siks6Siks> hahaha
[12:44] <sonic||> good
[12:44] <sonic||> i worked at abercrombie and fitch before [12:44] <sonic||> and they only hire 'hot people' [12:44] <Siks6Siks> lol
[12:44] <sonic||> or so says the word on the street [12:44] <sonic||> you could work there but people would think ur a homo [12:45] <Siks6Siks> lol
[12:45] <scav> wtf
[12:45] <sonic||> irish people look proper [12:45] <scav> sonic||: gtfo
[12:45] <sonic||> whats your heritadge like? [12:45] <scav> sonic||: sanswer me you fuckin dick [12:45] <Siks6Siks> abercrombie and fitch is full of homos [12:45] <sonic||> oh well
[12:45] <scav> sonic||: are you prettier than me? http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:45] <sonic||> i obviously aint doin that shit anymore [12:45] <scav> i demand an answer
[12:45] <sonic||> and i only worked there for like a month [12:45] <Siks6Siks> my hertidge is american [12:45] <sonic||> but i worked witha bunch of hot chicks [12:45] <sonic||> american isn't a heritadge [12:45] <COOLDEANS> sonic||: name more than 3 places in southern ireland [12:45] <sonic||> whats your european heritadge like [12:45] <Siks6Siks> american
[12:45] <Siks6Siks> i was born and raised here [12:45] <scav> sonic||: are you affraid to answer me? :) [12:46] <Siks6Siks> and thats all thats important to me [12:46] <COOLDEANS> and don't google it [12:46] <sonic||> Siks6Sik to be honest, you have extremely thin lips (which is a very prominent caucasian trait) now take a look at my nice , not too thick white lips.... any girl would choose me to kiss over you... http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd /l_a89db3d3070f6255a56864d2fdf015d5.jpg [12:46] <scav> sonic||: are you prettier than me? http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:46] <scav> sonic||: are you prettier than me? http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:46] <scav> sonic||: are you prettier than me? http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:46] <sonic||> kissing someone who dosen't have lips is like scary i would imagine.... [12:46] <scav> sonic||: are you prettier than me? http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:46] * COOLDEANS has left #FriendsOfSonic (Leaving[12:46] <scav> sonic||: are you prettier than me? http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:46] <Siks6Siks> scav - you have nice teeth ;) [12:46] <sonic||> Sik6Siks paste me scav's pic [12:46] <Siks6Siks> <scav> sonic||: are you prettier than me? http://www.teammodels.no/models/Alexander%20Arnesen/02.jpg [12:46] <sonic||> Oh and teeth? Peep this http://www.starsfirst.com/excessteeth.jpg [12:47] <sonic||> i'll unignore you for a second Scav [12:47] <Siks6Siks> scav def has nicer teeth than you [12:47] <sonic||> whatever
[12:47] <sonic||> i have 6 front teeth showing [12:47] <sonic||> and thats it
[12:47] <sonic||> thats elite
[12:47] <sonic||> and irish
[12:47] <sonic||>cav: you look like a str8 up metrosexual.... [12:47] <scav> sonic||: i get laid....
[12:47] <sonic||> scav: very aryan....but u could EASILY pass as a metrosexual [12:47] <sonic||> sca i'm sure you do [12:47] <Siks6Siks> lol
[12:47] <sonic||>cav: dosen't mean that chicks aren't digging ur homo looks [12:48] <sonic||> FAT GERMANIC NOSE
[12:48] <Siks6Siks> whats bad with being a metrosexual? [12:48] <sonic||> lol some germans have fat noses [12:48] <sonic||> and i thougth i had a fat nose [12:48] <Siks6Siks> it means your as tr8 guy who cares what you look like [12:48] <Siks6Siks> str8
[12:48] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: nothing as long as they stay 100 feet away from me [12:48] <scav> sonic||: i was working
[12:48] <scav> im a model you dick
[12:48] <scav> ive had sex with some of the girls you see on mtv [12:48] <sonic||> sca you could easily be in a gay mens magazine ad [12:48] <scav> :)
[12:48] <sonic||> i'm being honest
[12:48] <scav> and? girls find gays pretty [12:48] <sonic||> trust me i'm much more alluring than you in that gangster pic of me.... [12:49] <Siks6Siks> <sonic||> scav: you could easily be in a gay mens magazine ad - says the guy who worked at A&F [12:49] <sonic||> chicks would die to fuck a gangsta whiteboy like me [12:49] <sonic||> it would turn them on [12:49] <sonic||> your just a pretty boy [12:49] <sonic||> thats pussy
[12:49] <scav> sonic||: you could easily be frontboy for GRIZZLY MAGAZINE [12:49] <sonic||> talkin about "O.G.s"
[12:49] <sonic||> your a fag
[12:49] * pervx has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out[12:49] <sonic||> pretty boy homo
[12:49] <sonic||> you would get kidnapped in the hood [12:49] <sonic||> and robbed
[12:49] <scav> sonic||: i get laid...
[12:49] <sonic||> so?
[12:49] <scav> sonic||: i get laid...
[12:49] <sonic||> im saying the truth
[12:49] <scav> sonic||: i get laid...
[12:49] <scav> sonic||: i get laid...
[12:49] <sonic||> scav: you amuse me because i like germanics.... [12:49] <scav> WHY THE HELL WOULD I HANG OUT IN THE DUMP YOU CALL A HOOD [12:50] <scav> ffs
[12:50] <Siks6Siks> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[12:50] <Siks6Siks> thank you
[12:50] <Siks6Siks> nobody wants to chill in the fucking hood [12:50] <sonic||> scav: i look raw right here...u can tell im mixed a bit...i've got something nice looking about me...im sure my gangsta look would turn girls on more than your pretty boy looks http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/l_a89db3d3070f6255a5686 4d2fdf015d5.jpg
[12:50] <scav> true
[12:50] <sonic||>ca you could never model for Abercrombie, you look way too ethnic european [12:50] <sonic||> scav: you don't look American, and Americans are the cream of the crop [12:50] <sonic||> with that fat nose
[12:50] <sonic||> no way dude
[12:50] <scav> okey
[12:50] <scav> and where did "amerians" come from... [12:51] <scav> WAIT I THINK I KNOW! E.G EUROPE! [12:51] <scav> sonic||: you dress like a fuckin banger, but you hate niggers... [12:51] <sonic||> if you were modeling for Abercrombie you'd be makin the real dough...not getting paid $100 for some stupid norwegian models website
[12:51] <sonic||>scv: umm did you not just read what i was saying the past hour? i've been praising blacks [12:51] <sonic||> dude your dumb
[12:51] <sonic||> this is why i have no respect for foreigners whose english is their 2nd language [12:51] <sonic||> they really are stupid [12:51] <sonic||> they say the stupidest shit [12:52] <sonic||> no wonder America is in chage [12:52] <sonic||> jesus dude
[12:52] <sonic||> your nose is HUGE
[12:52] <sonic||> get a nose job
[12:52] * sonic|| was kicked by LaThorax (flood[12:52] * sonic|| has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:52] * sonic|| was kicked by LaTroy (flood[12:52] * sonic|| has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:52] <sonic||> get a nose job
[12:52] <sonic||> you look like a wanna-be model [12:52] <sonic||> thats why your working for some cheap website [12:52] <sonic||> take your ethnic norwegian ass outta here [12:52] <sonic||> were Americans
[12:52] <sonic||> you envy us
[12:53] <sonic||> you could never be a model in the U.S. unless you pose for a gay mens magazine [12:53] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - w/the current adminstration, as americans we are the laughing stock of the world [12:53] <sonic||>iks6Siks: oh well that will change next yaer [12:53] <Siks6Siks> bush is in office for2 yrs [12:53] <sonic||> scav Siks6Siks looks more friendlier than you....you look like ur almost too wanna-be pretty....u look scary [12:53] <sonic||> and i'm being mean
[12:53] <sonic||> because u were a dick to me [12:54] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i'm down with Bush to an extent....close up the borders? sounds good. [12:54] <Siks6Siks> and its will take alot to even try to gain back the respect we used to have if its even possible [12:54] <sonic||> i shut scav up
[12:54] <scav> fuck off, i dont need to give a shit about you. im pretty, you are ugly [12:54] <sonic||> he knows i'm right
[12:54] <sonic||>scv: your nose is inferior and too large [12:54] <scav> sonic||: i get laid
[12:54] <sonic||> get out of my cahn
[12:54] <sonic||> chan
[12:54] <sonic||> you piece of shit foreign faggot [12:54] <Siks6Siks> scav - do you have veneers? [12:54] <scav> sonic||: i get laid
[12:55] <scav> sonic||: i get laid
[12:55] <sonic||> scav has discovered the YTMND pseudo persona [12:55] <scav> Siks6Siks: i get laid... [12:55] <scav> ololol
[12:55] <scav> :D
[12:55] <scav> Siks6Siks: veneers?
[12:55] <Siks6Siks> yeah
[12:55] <sonic||>Siks6iks: his teeth are screaming "IVE HAD BRACES" [12:55] <Siks6Siks> did you have work done to your teeth?> [12:55] <scav> no
[12:55] <sonic||> scav go lay down and cry on your pink furry pillow homo. [12:55] <Siks6Siks> ah, lucky bastard ;) [12:56] <sonic||> your inferior to me scav [12:56] <sonic||> i have a much more pleasing aryan look [12:56] <sonic||> you are some ethnic bullshit [12:56] <sonic||> no Americans have big nose like that [12:56] <sonic||> cuz all the europeans with deformities are too scared to come here [12:56] <sonic||> as they should be
[12:56] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - do girls like black guys or aryans? [12:56] <sonic||> or maybe its because America is mostly irish whites [12:56] <sonic||> siks6siks: i'm not racist against either one [12:57] <sonic||> Sik6Siks i used to hang out with all asians.... [12:57] <sonic||> and filipinos
[12:57] <sonic||> because they were b-boys [12:57] <sonic||> and graffiti artist
[12:57] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i used to have the whole city tagged up [12:57] <sonic||> if your down with hip hop [12:57] <sonic||> then u gotta respect that [12:57] <sonic||> graffiti is one of the elements of hip hop [12:57] <Siks6Siks> taggin is dope
[12:57] <sonic||> ill show u some sick shit [12:57] <Siks6Siks> got pics of your shit? [12:57] <sonic||> whats your real name? [12:57] <sonic||> i dont want to tag 'Sik6Siks' [12:57] * RavenKing has joined #FriendsOfSonic [12:58] <sonic||> and btw your nickname is kind of immature...trying to invoke the mark of the beast...thats lame [12:58] <sonic||> i'll just tag Siks
[12:58] <Siks6Siks> ha, dont tag my name ;) [12:59] <Siks6Siks> but id like to see some shit that youve done [13:00] <Siks6Siks> hey, is it true your a virgin sonic||? [13:00] <sonic||> nope
[13:00] <sonic||> boned like 2 bitches
[13:01] <sonic||> i'm not into sex much [13:01] <sonic||> not right now at least [13:01] <sonic||> i hope u can respect that [13:01] <sonic||> i don't have shit to prove to anyone [13:01] <Siks6Siks> hey, dont matter to me if your fuckin or not [13:01] <sonic||> http://file029b.bebo.com/10/drawinglarge/2007/02/06/19/361382434a3514890990b110543104l.gif <----kinda wack cuz its hard to do it on the computer...but u get the picture [13:01] <sonic||> after this im goin to bed [13:01] <sonic||> i didnt get any sleep last night [13:01] <sonic||> i was up flowin with a friend [13:01] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - dont you have any pics of shit that you allready tagged? [13:02] <sonic||> dude
[13:02] <sonic||> like
[13:02] <sonic||> from the city?
[13:02] <Siks6Siks> yeah
[13:02] <sonic||> nah
[13:02] <sonic||> i dont have a scanner either [13:02] <sonic||> i mostly did bombs
[13:02] <Siks6Siks> ah
[13:02] <sonic||> never really pieces
[13:02] <sonic||> wasn't into that much [13:02] <Lampiasis> 07,01wut up
[13:02] <sonic||> i quit after the home invasion robbery [13:02] <sonic||> siks do you like that piece though? [13:03] <sonic||> hurry up and talk
[13:03] <sonic||> cuz im goin to bed
[13:03] * ware has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:03] <Siks6Siks> its better than i can do\ [13:03] <pheco> hello
[13:03] <scav> sonic||: mummy tells you to bed? [13:03] <sonic||> iks6Sik: heres a non stop http://file019b.bebo.com/6/drawinglarge/2007/01/29/13/361382434a3400392330b8234606 26l.gif
[13:03] <ware> hai sonic, i am ur friend * Retrieving #FriendsOfSonic modes...
[13:03] <sonic||> scav: ETHNIC GERMAN NOSE...GET OUTTA HERE [13:03] <sonic||>are: ok
[13:03] <sonic||> war i accept u
[13:03] <ware> word
[13:04] <ware> highfive
[13:04] <scav> sonic||: i get laid...
[13:04] <sonic||> Siks can you read what that says? [13:04] <sonic||> scav: but your ugly so...i have u pwnd [13:04] <scav> sonic||: i get laid...
[13:04] <sonic||> hes pwnd
[13:04] <scav> sonic||: you just said i were not [13:04] <Whoracle> hey sonic, how much is your apartment if you dont mind me asking? [13:04] <sonic||> scav: i lied...i would never accept a guy with creepy wanna-be pretty boy looks like u as a friend...fuck that shit whiteboy
[13:04] <sonic||>horacl $750
[13:04] * ke has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:04] <sonic||>Whorcle: studio...big one [13:04] <sonic||> ke GET OUT
[13:04] <scav> 19:47 sonic||> scav: dosen't mean that chicks aren't digging ur homo looks [13:04] <ke> plz draw me a picture
[13:04] <ke> plz draw me a picture
[13:04] <ke> plz draw me a picture
[13:04] <sonic||>e: you have to align yourself with me [13:05] <ke> i am aligned
[13:05] <ke> plz draw me a picture
[13:05] <sonic||> k i only do graffiti art for girls that are friends with me [13:05] <Whoracle> cool, my cousins moving to la. [13:05] <ke> i am aligned
[13:05] <sonic||> k show me your myspace first [13:05] <ke> plz draw me a picture
[13:05] <scav> sonic||: HAHA since when do you think you could chose to have me as a friend? :D [13:05] <Siks6Siks> ke dont be nice so you can get a dope as tag like me from sonic||! [13:05] <ke> sonic||: you know how to use the tubes, find it [13:05] <sonic||> sav since i'm American and your a pathetic european foreign fag [13:05] <sonic||> scav: FASCISM IS DEAD, YOU LOST, America wins [13:05] <sonic||> ke: do you think im attractive? like the skinny pics of me...tell me the truth [13:06] <ke> i have nothing against you sonic [13:06] <sonic||> ok
[13:06] <sonic||> want me to write ke?
[13:06] <ke> draw me a picture
[13:06] <ware> where are these pictures [13:06] <sonic||>e: no only graffiti art [13:06] <ke> thats ok
[13:06] <sonic||> we: http://file019b.bebo.com/6/drawinglarge/2007/01/29/13/361382434a3400392330b823460626l.gif [13:06] * alextide3 has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:06] <sonic||> k so should I write 'ke' ? [13:06] <ke> sure
[13:06] <sonic||> bubble letters?
[13:06] <ke> whatever you want
[13:07] <ware> dude if ke gets one i get one too [13:07] <scav> sonic||: ireland is part of europe... [13:07] <scav> sonic||: ireland is part of europe... [13:07] <ware> sonic||: we're like bff
[13:07] <scav> will do
[13:07] <ke> my roommate is from ireland [13:07] <scav> sonic||: ireland is part of europe... [13:07] <scav> sonic||: ireland is part of europe... [13:07] <scav> sonic||: ireland is part of europe... [13:07] <scav> stupid blub
[13:08] * RavenKing has left #FriendsOfSonic [13:08] <sonic||>cav: barley
[13:08] <scav> rofl
[13:08] <scav> you dumbass
[13:08] <scav> :D
[13:08] <sonic||>e: does she have a sexy irish accent? [13:08] <ke> yes, very thick accent
[13:11] <Lampiasis> 07,01do you ever get drunk and kiss [13:11] <sonic||>e: http://file023b.bebo.com/13/drawinglarge/2007/02/06/19/361382434a3515060688b630906457l.gif [13:11] <pheco> lol
[13:11] <ke> thanks:D
[13:11] <sonic||> np
[13:12] <sonic||> do u like it?
[13:12] <ke> i do
[13:12] <sonic||> will u show me ur myspace? [13:12] <ke> find it
[13:12] <lilpeepee> 6lol
[13:12] <sonic||> dont play games with me [13:12] <sonic||> show me ur myspace
[13:12] <ke> heh
[13:12] <sonic||> i'm not in the YTMND/PP4L loop [13:12] <sonic||> or show me a pic of u [13:13] <ke> you already saw one
[13:13] <sonic||> first of all i dont really believe u are that cute chick i saw [13:13] * SN33D has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds[13:13] <ke> remember? i have no lips
[13:13] <sonic||> yes thats right
[13:13] <sonic||> i think you are vap0r [13:13] <sonic||> posing as a girl
[13:13] <ke> hahaha
[13:13] <sonic||> because he has the hots for me [13:13] <ke> i'm lolin'
[13:13] <sonic||> yeah i dont' buy it
[13:13] <sonic||> unless u take a pic
[13:13] <sonic||> and hold up a sign that says 'hi sonic' [13:13] * bud` has quit IRC (Excess Flood[13:13] <ke> that's okay, i don't need you to buy anything. [13:13] * pervx has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:14] <ke> i added you on myspace months ago [13:14] <ware> what the fuck is this channel [13:15] <ke> but you denied me
[13:15] <ware> i didnt join this shit
[13:15] * ware has left #FriendsOfSonic [13:15] <ke> i wept inside
[13:15] <ke> i'm putting your .gif on my myspace [13:15] <ke> ty
[13:15] <sonic||> show me your myspace
[13:16] <sonic||> i'll add you as a friend [13:16] <ke> what's your myspace url
[13:16] <pheco> i mean you are in friends of sonic [13:16] <pheco> you should be added to the myspace [13:16] <pheco> myspace.com/pheco
[13:16] <ke> maybe you're still in my list [13:16] <pheco> add me sonic
[13:16] <ke> i have u silly ;)
[13:17] <pheco> oh i know u have me ke
[13:18] <sonic||> wtf?
[13:18] <sonic||> ur my friend?
[13:18] <sonic||> dude who the fuck are u [13:18] <sonic||> i dont know u
[13:18] <sonic||> i never added u
[13:18] <ke> loo
[13:19] <pheco> wtf are u talking about [13:19] <pheco> you would add any female [13:19] <ke> he denied me
[13:19] <ke> when i added him
[13:19] <pheco> wow
[13:19] <ke> hah ya
[13:19] <pheco> add me sonic
[13:19] <sonic||> show me your myspace bitch i'll fucking kill you [13:19] <pheco> no u wont
[13:20] <ke> loool
[13:20] <ke> i'm lump you out irl kid
[13:20] <pheco> sonic|| ignored me
[13:20] <pheco> i think
[13:20] <pheco> :(
[13:21] <sonic||> haha im talkin to f1re [13:21] <sonic||> hes kinda funny
[13:21] <pheco> oh ok
[13:21] <sonic||> in his patheticness
[13:21] <ke> http://myspace-637.vo.llnwd.net/00275/73/60/275830637_l.jpg [13:21] <pheco> sonic| add me
[13:21] <ke> i'm in that picture
[13:21] <sonic||> hahaha
[13:21] <sonic||> we have a jokester on our hands [13:21] <sonic||> what more to expect than a girl whose a "PENIS PUMPER" [13:21] <pheco> sonic| add me
[13:21] <pheco> sonic| add me
[13:21] <pheco> sonic| add me
[13:22] <ke> not joking, i'm really in that picture. [13:22] <pheco> she is idiot
[13:22] <sonic||> i made you that graf art out of sympathy [13:22] <ke> can only see my heads :.
[13:22] <pheco> sonic| she is in that pic [13:22] <ke> that's in orange county, your hood sonic [13:22] <sonic||> i live in Canoga Park essay [13:22] <sonic||> moron
[13:22] <ke> essay?
[13:22] <sonic||> I live near all the celebrities [13:22] <ke> learn spanish moran
[13:22] <sonic||> fuckin tard
[13:22] <sonic||> I live 5 miles away from Jessica Simpson [13:22] <pheco> lol
[13:22] <sonic||> I met her once
[13:23] <ke> lol
[13:23] <sonic||> she was cool
[13:23] <pheco> she spit on you
[13:23] <ke> i'm sure she was
[13:23] <sonic||> i bet if she was my homegirl she would be like "fuck that ke girl" [13:23] <ke> i would hope so
[13:23] <pheco> ke 4 prez
[13:23] <ke> she's a douchebag who doesn't know tuna from chicken [13:23] <ke> amirite?
[13:23] <sonic||> umm
[13:23] * Lampiasis has quit IRC (Quit: out[13:23] <sonic||> for your information
[13:24] <sonic||> i find her dumbness very attractive [13:24] <pheco> you would
[13:24] <sonic||> and she was probably just playing around [13:24] <sonic||> she was...
[13:24] <pheco> you are on the same level [13:25] <sonic||> ke who are you? some self-proclaimed dork who lurks on the deepest, dirtiest areas of the internet full of racists and schizos
[13:25] <ke> i'm ke ok?
[13:25] <pheco> im totally ignored
[13:25] <sonic||> you arent even a girl [13:25] <sonic||> your a fag
[13:25] <sonic||> posing as a girl
[13:25] <pheco> lol she is a girl
[13:25] <pheco> idiot
[13:25] <ke> yah you're so right
[13:25] <sonic||> because people are obsessed with me [13:25] <pheco> are you that stupid sonic [13:25] <pheco> ke is a female
[13:25] * bud` has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:26] <sonic||> its impossible for a chick as cute as the girl in that pic [13:26] * d3wmugg has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:26] <sonic||> to be on IRC
[13:26] <sonic||> hey d3wmugg
[13:26] <d3wmugg> hey
[13:26] <pheco> sonic|| beleive it
[13:26] <pheco> you dumbshit
[13:26] <sonic||> d3wmugg
[13:26] <sonic||> f1re said i look insane [13:26] <sonic||> in one pic
[13:26] <ke> sonic||: it's obviously not impossible. [13:26] <sonic||> he hurt my feelings
[13:26] * SN33D has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:26] <d3wmugg> wut pic
[13:26] <sonic||> let me show u
[13:26] <sonic||> http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/hzi30ffxg3.jpg [13:27] <sonic||> f1re tried to PSYCHE me out [13:27] <sonic||> he msged me out of the blue [13:27] <sonic||> and was like "lol dude i have to tell u something" [13:27] <sonic||> "that pic makes u look nuts" [13:27] <sonic||> i released that horrible picture just to get a laugh! :( [13:27] <Whoracle> how lame, wednesday i have to fight up the 405 joy. [13:28] <ke> sonic||: myspace.com/kpantz [13:29] <ke> you'll see your tag up there too. [13:29] <ke> thx
[13:29] * PigmonkeY has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:29] <PigmonkeY> SONIC I LOVE YOU
[13:29] <ke> you all do, that's why you're here [13:29] <ke> amirite?
[13:29] <bud`> You are so right
[13:29] <PigmonkeY> I LOVE YOU LIKE A CASE OF AIDS! [13:29] <sonic||> ok ke...i can dig that your a legit irc chick...your not THAT cute [13:30] <ke> thx
[13:30] <PigmonkeY> sonic||
[13:30] <PigmonkeY> i also have a vagina [13:30] <ke> mangina
[13:30] <ke> shemales unite
[13:30] <PigmonkeY> TRANNY POWER ACTIVATE [13:30] <ke> debug this application
[13:30] <sonic||> ke fuck you
[13:30] <sonic||> dont ever talk about shemales in my presence again [13:30] <ke> no fuck you
[13:30] <sonic||> i'm j/k ke
[13:30] <sonic||> but please dont do that [13:30] <PigmonkeY> sonic|| is the only shemale in here anyways [13:31] * pervx has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds[13:31] <PigmonkeY> http://irc.dickscab.com/sonic_ytmnd/l_a89db3d3070f6255a56864d2fdf015d5.jpg [13:31] <PigmonkeY> to me
[13:31] <PigmonkeY> that picture says
[13:31] <PigmonkeY> "STAB ME IN THE NECK PLEASE!" [13:31] * pervx has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:31] <sonic||> wow your really into this penis pump shit [13:31] <sonic||> see i would never add a person from IRC [13:31] <sonic||> onto my friends list
[13:31] <sonic||> thats just low
[13:31] <ke> i forgot myspace is so respectable [13:31] <PigmonkeY> heh
[13:31] <PigmonkeY> i don't even HAVE a myspace [13:32] <PigmonkeY> so i've got a leg up on you, ghetto fresh. [13:32] <sonic||> i use it
[13:32] <sonic||> to chat with european women [13:32] <sonic||> i have a blast
[13:32] <PigmonkeY> who you will never meet. [13:32] <ke> can't meet women in person? [13:32] <PigmonkeY> sonic||
[13:32] <PigmonkeY> do you like spoilers? [13:32] <PigmonkeY> because
[13:32] <sonic||> i could
[13:32] <PigmonkeY> i have possibly the biggest spoiler ever [13:32] <ke> fuck the internet for meeting people [13:32] <PigmonkeY> ready?
[13:32] <ke> srsly
[13:32] <sonic||> ke its my future wives club [13:32] <PigmonkeY> YOU WILL DIE A VIRGIN. [13:32] <sonic||> after i get rich my from niche website [13:32] <sonic||> its on
[13:33] <Whoracle> whats your niche website? [13:33] <PigmonkeY> anal fisting
[13:33] <PigmonkeY> also poop.
[13:33] <PigmonkeY> and dongs.
[13:33] <sonic||> i would NEVER tell a person on irc [13:33] <Six6Six> anal fisting is hot
[13:33] <PigmonkeY> oh man
[13:33] <ke> most the people on myspace are old/current coworkers. few irc people here and there. [13:33] <ke> and high school friends.
[13:33] <PigmonkeY> Six6Six: never said it wasn't./ [13:33] <sonic||> Six6Six: i knew you were fucking deranged [13:33] <ke> OH YAH
[13:34] <Six6Six> i never said i wasnt ;) [13:34] <Six6Six> i can admit that shit [13:34] <sonic||> e are u irish?
[13:34] <ke> sonic||: yah
[13:34] <sonic||> k me too
[13:34] <sonic||> full irish?
[13:34] * SN33D has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds[13:34] <ke> nah irish/german
[13:34] <Six6Six> ke do you have any black in you> [13:34] <sonic||> same here ke
[13:34] <ke> yah i do
[13:34] <sonic||> bullshit
[13:34] <sonic||> shes pure white
[13:34] <ke> why you think my name is kendra [13:34] <sonic||> dont fucking insult my heritadge like that [13:35] <sonic||> Six your racist
[13:35] <sonic||> what a rude comment to make [13:35] <Six6Six> lol
[13:35] <sonic||> you know damn well she has no black in here [13:35] <sonic||> her
[13:35] <sonic||> u homo look dude
[13:35] <Six6Six> what did i just say that was racist [13:35] <Six6Six> ??
[13:35] <sonic||> [sonic||] you know damn well she has no black in her [13:35] <sonic||> [sonic||] you know damn well she has no black in her [13:35] <sonic||> [sonic||] you know damn well she has no black in her [13:35] <sonic||> [sonic||] you know damn well she has no black in her [13:35] <Six6Six> how do i know?
[13:35] <sonic||> dude
[13:35] <sonic||> people who look white [13:35] <sonic||> usually do not have black in them [13:35] <Six6Six> i've actually seen pics of you and you dont look blackc at all [13:35] <sonic||> i am a rare case
[13:36] <sonic||> your being stupid
[13:36] <PigmonkeY> sonic||
[13:36] <PigmonkeY> you have NO black in you [13:36] <PigmonkeY> shit
[13:36] <sonic||> see your true color shows [13:36] <PigmonkeY> if you were any more white [13:36] <PigmonkeY> you'd be clear
[13:36] <sonic||> another wigger that hates blacks [13:36] <PigmonkeY> so fuck off.
[13:36] <sonic||> perfect
[13:36] <Six6Six> sonic|| ive never seen her [13:36] <sonic||> she just posted her pic [13:36] <Six6Six> and im not a fucking wiggerr [13:36] <sonic||> i think ur lying
[13:36] <ke> you both are
[13:36] <sonic||> ke: i can't believe your friends with vap0r [13:36] <sonic||> k that guy has a fuckin crush on me [13:37] <sonic||> hes all into INTERNET-WARS [13:37] <sonic||> what a lunatic
[13:37] <sonic||> have u seen his new pic? [13:37] <ke> everyone on the internet has a crush on you sonic [13:37] <sonic||> hes a creep dude
[13:37] <ke> he's far from it, vap0r rules [13:37] <sonic||> ke: i know and one day when this shit hits the media im going to sue mad people [13:37] * LaTicia has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out[13:37] <PigmonkeY> LOL
[13:37] <PigmonkeY> sonic||: you can't do shit. [13:37] <sonic||> : i think you don't want to judge people on their looks because you are trying to fit a counter culture mold of being a social reclusive anti-mainstream "dork" [13:38] <sonic||> ugly people will never bring you true happiness [13:38] <bud`> sonic|| its cool how your eyes went from brown to blue after you got all fat [13:38] <sonic||> b`: SRSLY HUH? [13:38] <sonic||> wait no
[13:38] <sonic||> they went from blue to green [13:38] <PigmonkeY> sonic||: so it looks like you're out of the running =[ [13:38] <sonic||> that is just from the photography [13:38] <PigmonkeY> considering all your pictures are 6 years old [13:38] <sonic||> and the distance
[13:38] <PigmonkeY> and you're a fatass. [13:38] <sonic||> hahaha
[13:38] <sonic||> but actually aliens implanted me [13:39] <sonic||> with the aryan gene
[13:39] <sonic||> they told me it would make me fat [13:39] <ke> loo
[13:39] <sonic||> i was like 'fuck it i wanna be aryan' [13:39] <PigmonkeY> did they also tell you it would make you a moron? [13:39] <PigmonkeY> because it did
[13:39] <sonic||> then my eyes turned green [13:39] <sonic||> want to see a pic of me with my eyes blue? [13:39] <sonic||> http://a700.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/13/l_1a0f5e997e95a1d64da2ddaea7d48ae3.jpg <---cutest boy you will ever see in your life
[13:39] <PigmonkeY> sonic||: i really want to see a picture of you with a bullet in your head. [13:39] <PigmonkeY> i really, really do. [13:40] <ke> (_o_) c====8 insert aryan gene here [13:40] <bud`> That isnt you
[13:40] <sonic||> u want my 'aryan gene' inside of u ke? [13:40] <sonic||>ud its me dipshit [13:40] <bud`> nobody believes that is you anymore [13:40] <bud`> even if you photochop the eyes blue [13:40] <sonic||>bu`: oh well! less stalkers to deal with [13:40] <PigmonkeY> sonic||: do you like dongs in your bum? [13:40] <sonic||> yeah
[13:40] <Siks6Siks> wtf
[13:40] <PigmonkeY> because you look like a fag [13:40] <sonic||> i photoshopped blue eyes on me man [13:40] <sonic||> i did
[13:40] <sonic||> lol
[13:40] <PigmonkeY> and that picture is SHOPPED [13:40] <Siks6Siks> i dont think it counts posting old pics [13:40] <sonic||> :)
[13:41] <PigmonkeY> if i zoom in close enough [13:41] <sonic||> Siks6Sik thats a recent pic dude [13:41] <Siks6Siks> i looked mad fly when i was in highschool [13:41] <sonic||> i haven't been overweight in 6 months [13:41] <ke> sonic||: no that's what the aliens did [13:41] <sonic||> siks i'm only 22
[13:41] <PigmonkeY> i can see where you blurred out all of the blemishes. [13:41] <Siks6Siks> yeah?
[13:41] <Siks6Siks> thats fine
[13:41] <sonic||> ohhh right "the aliens" whispers to ke now is this the people u want watching us? [13:41] <Siks6Siks> take a pic right now then [13:41] <sonic||> haha
[13:41] <sonic||> you think im going to give [13:41] <Siks6Siks> and tag the date on a peice of paper [13:41] <sonic||> faggots on IRC?
[13:41] <sonic||> the decency
[13:41] <sonic||> of seeing me
[13:41] <sonic||> proving myself
[13:41] <PigmonkeY> sonic||: so if you don't like it [13:41] <sonic||> nah i'll keep u guessing [13:41] <PigmonkeY> leave
[13:42] <PigmonkeY> PICS OR GTFO
[13:42] <sonic||> this is sick anyway
[13:42] <sonic||> as far as i'm concerned [13:42] <bud`> every time sonic lies a lil piece of the world dies [13:42] <sonic||> i'm in here to talk to ke [13:42] <Siks6Siks> im not guessing anything [13:42] <sonic||> lol bud!
[13:42] <ke> loo
[13:42] * LaTicia has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:42] <PigmonkeY> sonic||'s LIES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! [13:42] <PigmonkeY> sonic||'s LIES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! [13:42] <PigmonkeY> sonic||'s LIES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! [13:42] <PigmonkeY> sonic||'s LIES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! [13:42] <PigmonkeY> sonic||'s LIES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! [13:42] <sonic||>k: all these boys are mad insane....but u find it entertaining so ya [13:42] <PigmonkeY> sonic||'s LIES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! [13:42] <PigmonkeY> sonic||'s LIES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING! [13:42] <sonic||> you think a guy would release a bunch of videos and pics [13:42] <sonic||> so that people can hate on him? [13:43] <sonic||> nope
[13:43] <ke> sonic||: it's great entertainment during the work day, what can i say [13:43] <sonic||> i didnt give a fuck
[13:43] <Siks6Siks> didnt you allready do that? [13:43] <sonic||> its really not healthy for your mind long term though [13:43] * LaThorax sets mode: +o LaTicia [13:43] * LaJedd sets mode: +o LaTicia
[13:43] * LaGenda sets mode: +o LaTicia [13:43] * LaGwanda sets mode: +o LaTicia [13:43] * LaTroy sets mode: +o LaTicia
[13:43] <sonic||> Sik6Siks you're racist, i'm convinced [13:43] <sonic||> asking random people if they have black in them [13:43] <sonic||> what a fuckin biggot
[13:43] <Siks6Siks> thats racist?
[13:43] <sonic||> see your so white you don't even know what biggotry is [13:43] <sonic||> you better believe it is [13:43] <sonic||> just because i'm part black [13:43] <Siks6Siks> you can ask peoples heritage all day long [13:43] <sonic||> dosen't mean everyoen is part black dipshit [13:44] <Siks6Siks> and as soon as someone else does it, they are racist? [13:44] <ke> sonic||: whatever it's irc [13:44] * LaTicia has quit IRC (Connection closed[13:44] <ke> irc has always been just irc [13:44] <sonic||>Sik6Siks: and I will...people aren't just plain people...they have genes, traits, a certain skull for each nationality...history...ect...
[13:44] <Siks6Siks> DIE FOR IRC
[13:44] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - so why can you do it, and i cant? [13:44] <sonic||> umm i use irc to chat about intellectual things when i'm not chatting with you fucks [13:44] <ke> lool
[13:44] <sonic||> Siks6Siks: i would've never asked the fuckin racist question to a random person "do u have black in u liek sonic does?"
[13:44] <sonic||> see Siks
[13:44] <sonic||> your fascinated with blacks [13:45] <sonic||> yuo think its awesome that i have black in me [13:45] <sonic||> thats the thing with white people [13:45] <Siks6Siks> ha
[13:45] <sonic||> they look up to blacks SO MUCH [13:45] <Siks6Siks> i dont care your race [13:45] <sonic||> its incredible
[13:45] <sonic||> sure you don't nigga. [13:45] <Siks6Siks> race is not really an issue to me [13:45] <ke> who cares about race, srsly [13:45] * LaTicia has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:45] <Siks6Siks> wtf
[13:45] <sonic||> U IRISH???
[13:45] <sonic||>e: U IRISH???
[13:45] <sonic||> ke: U IRISH???
[13:45] <sonic||> ke: U IRISH???
[13:45] <Siks6Siks> dont call me nigga
[13:45] <sonic||>iks6Sik im mocking u [13:45] <Siks6Siks> i dont give a fuck
[13:45] <sonic||> get out of here
[13:45] <sonic||> you are too dumb and too white [13:46] <Siks6Siks> lol
[13:46] <sonic||> go listen to your "RAW UNDERGROUND RAPS" [13:46] <Siks6Siks> and IM the racist
[13:46] <Siks6Siks> <sonic||> you are too dumb and too white <sonic||> you are too dumb and too white <sonic||> you are too dumb and too white <sonic||> you are too dumb and too white <sonic||> you are too dumb and too white [13:46] <sonic||> i'm ignoring this schmuck [13:46] <sonic||> i might as well ignore everyone except for ke [13:46] <ke> bye sonic
[13:46] * ke has left #FriendsOfSonic
[13:46] * LaThorax sets mode: +o LaTicia [13:46] * LaJedd sets mode: +o LaTicia
[13:46] * LaGwanda sets mode: +o LaTicia [13:46] * LaTroy sets mode: +o LaTicia
[13:46] * LaGenda sets mode: +o LaTicia [13:46] <sonic||> lol
[13:46] <Siks6Siks> PWND
[13:46] <sonic||> she plays games
[13:46] <sonic||> she loves me
[13:46] <sonic||> haha
[13:46] <sonic||> she knows shes not that pretty [13:46] <sonic||> her eyes were like all ugly and shit [13:47] <sonic||> a puke green color
[13:47] <sonic||> that plain face...no spunk to it...nothing special about it [13:47] <PigmonkeY> sonic
[13:47] <PigmonkeY> newsflash
[13:47] <PigmonkeY> NOBODY
[13:47] <PigmonkeY> NOBODY likes you
[13:47] <PigmonkeY> nobody.
[13:47] <sonic||> haha
[13:47] <sonic||> this slavic girl is so cute [13:47] <PigmonkeY> please hang thineself. [13:48] <Siks6Siks> i like sonic
[13:48] <sonic||> who are you talking to? [13:48] <Siks6Siks> me?
[13:48] <sonic||> yea
[13:48] <sonic||> i might have people on ignore [13:48] <Siks6Siks> PigmonkeY
[13:48] <sonic||> dude
[13:49] <sonic||> taht guy talked about trannys [13:49] <Siks6Siks> [13:47] <PigmonkeY> sonic [13:49] <Siks6Siks> [13:47] <PigmonkeY> newsflash [13:49] <Siks6Siks> [13:47] <PigmonkeY> NOBODY [13:49] <Siks6Siks> [13:47] <PigmonkeY> NOBODY likes you [13:49] <Siks6Siks> [13:47] <PigmonkeY> nobody. [13:49] <sonic||> hes insane bro
[13:49] <sonic||> talkin about trannys
[13:49] <sonic||> I MEAN COME ON BRO
[13:49] <sonic||> THAT IS
[13:49] <sonic||> JUST WRONG
[13:49] <sonic||> just wrong
[13:49] <Whoracle> blegh, i give up, my cousin can find her own damned apartment [13:49] <PigmonkeY> NO MORE WRONG THAN DRIVING WHILE BLACK! [13:49] <Siks6Siks> i dont think its cool to discriminate against transgendered people [13:49] <PigmonkeY> DARKNESS
[13:49] <sonic||> i'm sorry maybe IRCs getting too wacked out of me [13:49] <sonic||> i'm never going in #ytmnd again [13:49] <sonic||> and soon this channel [13:49] <sonic||> you guys are all fucking nuts [13:49] <sonic||>iks6Siks: I DO BITCH [13:49] <Siks6Siks> why you gotta call names? [13:49] <sonic||> they aren't human
[13:50] <sonic||> they are a genetic mistake [13:50] <sonic||> they are disgusting
[13:50] <Siks6Siks> they still having feelings just like you and i [13:50] <sonic||> noone in the real world likes trannys [13:50] <sonic||> i dont' give a fuck
[13:50] <sonic||> that is just NOT COOL WITH ME BRO [13:50] <Siks6Siks> and parents and freinds and family [13:50] <sonic||> i was raised by a fucking wealthy Dr. [13:50] <PigmonkeY> this genetic mistake could beat your scrawny white ass. [13:50] <sonic||> i have class man
[13:50] <sonic||> i will never respect a tranny [13:51] <Siks6Siks> maybe you should just respect people [13:51] <PigmonkeY> yeah
[13:51] <PigmonkeY> what about the negro that raised you [13:51] <sonic||> not a tranny
[13:51] <sonic||> or a gay
[13:51] <sonic||> never
[13:51] <sonic||> listen siks
[13:51] <bud`> sonic|| nothing you have ever said on efnet is indicative of you having class [13:51] <sonic||> i used to be a cool guy [13:51] <sonic||>bu`: haha now i know your joking [13:51] <sonic||> bud`: just be my friend [13:51] <sonic||> i like you bud
[13:52] <sonic||> dude #pp4l is so racist [13:52] <sonic||> im in there now
[13:52] <Siks6Siks> sonic
[13:52] <sonic||> fuckin apalling
[13:52] <Siks6Siks> you said i was too white to be in here [13:52] <Siks6Siks> thats racist
[13:53] <Siks6Siks> is that NOT racist? [13:54] <sonic||> hahaha
[13:54] <sonic||> your so white dude
[13:54] <sonic||> stop listening to hip hop [13:54] <sonic||> i don't think its for you [13:54] <Siks6Siks> i am white
[13:54] <Siks6Siks> an i love hip hop
[13:54] <Siks6Siks> and once again YOUR being racist by saying im too white to enjoy hiphop [13:55] * ware has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:55] <sonic||> hey ware
[13:55] <sonic||> we cool?
[13:55] <ware> hai
[13:55] <ware> yea
[13:55] <sonic||> ware
[13:55] <ware> we all cool
[13:55] <sonic||> Sik6siks is too white for me [13:55] <ware> yeah fuck whiteys
[13:55] <sonic||> he keeps asking me all these sophisticated white questions [13:55] <ware> god damn honkey kikes
[13:55] <sonic||> YEA FUCK WHITEYS WE FUCKIN UR WOMEN RIGHT NOW MUTHAFUCKA [13:55] <ware> lets go smoke some crack [13:55] <sonic||> no
[13:55] <ware> and rob some white boys
[13:55] <sonic||> lets play on the swings [13:56] <sonic||> im down
[13:56] * ware tosses sonic|| a mac10
[13:56] * sonic|| caps Siks6Siks like the pussy undergroudn bitch that he is [13:56] <ware> les go knock ovah a gas station nig [13:56] * _d3wmugg has joined #FriendsOfSonic [13:56] * d3wmugg has quit IRC (Write error: connection closed[13:56] <Siks6Siks> sonic|| - why are you being so hatefull? [13:56] <Siks6Siks> i thought we were cool [13:57] * _d3wmugg is now known as d3wmugg [13:57] <d3wmugg> why u packet me
[13:57] <Siks6Siks> ware - do you laso hate me cuz im white? :( [13:57] <ware> yeah nigga
[13:58] <ware> im a og nigger
[13:58] * Whoracle has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 369 seconds[13:58] <ware> fuck whitey
[13:58] <ware> dead prez
[13:58] <ware> reprezent
[13:58] <Siks6Siks> man, i thought we were cool [13:58] <ware> haha we are
[13:58] <ware> im just fucking with you [13:58] <Siks6Siks> brb im gonna get a blade and cut [13:58] <ware> i dont even know sonic
[13:58] <ware> SHIT
[13:58] <ware> err
[13:58] <Siks6Siks> well sonic WAS like my best irc freind [13:58] <ware> yeah we're homies n shit [13:58] <ware> haha
[13:58] <Siks6Siks> but now he dont like me [13:58] <Siks6Siks> and you dont like me [13:58] <Siks6Siks> brb
[13:58] <Siks6Siks> gotta find my knife so i can cut [13:59] <sonic||> hes insane
[13:59] <sonic||> i had 1 long chat conversation [13:59] <sonic||> then he thinks im his best friend [13:59] <sonic||> its because i'm intellectual [13:59] <sonic||> i've always been ready to get down on the intellectual tip [13:59] <sonic||> but noone ever presented themselves to me [14:00] <sonic||> im goin to bed
[14:00] * sonic|| has left #FriendsOfSonic [14:00] * SN33D has joined #FriendsOfSonic [14:03] <Siks6Siks> i miss sonic :(
[14:03] <Siks6Siks> ware what up kneegrow? [14:04] <ware> nodding off at work
[14:04] <ware> almost hit my face on the desk again [14:04] <Siks6Siks> lol
[14:04] <Siks6Siks> nice
[14:04] <ware> its those ones where you nod a little and it gets worse and worse [14:05] <Siks6Siks> yeah i feel yah
[14:05] <ware> and the snaps back to being awake get harsher and harsher lol [14:05] <Siks6Siks> i got like 4hrs of sleep last night [14:05] <ware> same
[14:05] <ware> ive been quit smoking bud for awhile now like almost a year now [14:05] <Siks6Siks> sucks, i cant fall asleep without sleeping pills [14:05] <ware> smoking regularly
[14:05] <ware> but we smoked this weekend and i got some yesterday [14:05] <Siks6Siks> when i take sleeping pills i cant get up at a devent time [14:05] <ware> got fucked up last night [14:05] <Siks6Siks> ha, yeah i quit smoking bud also [14:06] <ware> i just got a little dank [14:06] <Siks6Siks> that shit put me to sleep everynight [14:06] <ware> and it takes 2-3 hits to get me feelin fine [14:06] <Siks6Siks> i think thats most of my problem [14:06] * pervx has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds[14:12] * photogrl has joined #FriendsOfSonic [14:12] * photogrl has left #FriendsOfSonic [14:14] * Sweetish has joined #FriendsOfSonic [14:15] * Whoracle has joined #FriendsOfSonic [14:19] * pheco has left #FriendsOfSonic [14:24] * Whoracle has quit IRC (hub.il ircng.inter.net.ild S :sS k :ek :ek s :s:ek e :ek :sd :`b duek:e:ek :e:k:|:|:|:|:|k k s :erak :c:e:ek a :eW :ew sS:sS a S a :vs :vs :vs :s:ss :sS s s :s:sS :s:s:sS S :sS S :SsS:sS s :Sl s S :SSsS :sS :sS :sS :sS S S S :sS s :a:sS :sS s S :v:vs :vs s s :vs :aK S S :sS :a:a:sS S :S:sSst Ss:vs :as b :`:`b s s s :op :|S S :|:sS :ek :e:|j :e:|k :k:ee :ek k k :s :eh Ss:cS :S:xS :x:x:eW j Sx:xS S S :sS sSs sS:sS S :s:s:vs a :vs s :vs :v:vS S acacs :sS s a W h :c:o:|:h