[00:56] <CoMBo> 100 lbs is normal for a girl
[00:57] <CoMBo> jenna jameson weighed 100 lbs most of her career
[00:59] <unboy> 100 lbs is normal for a girl?
[00:59] <CoMBo> yes
[00:59] <CoMBo> as long as she isn't over 6 feet
[00:59] <fris> skin and bones
[00:59] <unboy> wtf.
[00:59] <fris> unboy you arent 100 pounds
[00:59] <unboy> combo is a troll too
[00:59] <fris> and you arent fat
[01:00] <unboy> when i was anorexic i was 110
[01:00] <CoMBo> how tall?
[01:00] <unboy> and i was skin and bones
[01:00] <unboy> 5'8"
[01:00] <CoMBo> impossible
[01:00] <unboy> if i was 100 id look like a skeleton
[01:00] <unboy> how is that impossible?
[01:00] <CoMBo> how big are your breasts?
[01:00] <t3chno> oo
[01:00] <unboy> well when youre anorexic you dont have any breasts anymore.
[01:00] <fris> unboy has nice boobs
[01:00] <t3chno> why not ask for a pic
[01:00] <CoMBo> so u had A cups ?
[01:00] <t3chno> *nod*
[01:01] <unboy> yes
[01:01] <unboy> how is that relevant
[01:01] <CoMBo> interesting
[01:01] <unboy> which part was "impossible"
[01:01] <t3chno> he just threw that question in
[01:01] <CoMBo> how much do u weigh now?
[01:01] <unboy> how can you really think that 100 is normal for a girl anywhere under 6'
[01:01] <unboy> so a girl 5'11" couldb e 100
[01:01] <CoMBo> well under 5'10
[01:01] <unboy> and look normal.
[01:01] <unboy> do u know what a girl 5'10" and 100 lbs looks like
[01:02] <CoMBo> yeah
[01:02] <unboy> anything over 5'5" and 100 lbs is scary
[01:02] <CoMBo> uh no
[01:02] <justin_> not when she turns sideways
[01:02] <unboy> uh yes
[01:02] <t3chno> haha
[01:02] <CoMBo> dude my mom was 100 lbs and she's 5'9
[01:02] <CoMBo> that was before she got pregnant though
[01:02] <unboy> combo, she must have looked fucking scary
[01:02] <CoMBo> nope
[01:02] <unboy> uh yes
[01:02] <CoMBo> they used to call her twiggy
[01:02] <CoMBo> she was healthy
[01:02] <unboy> theres no way she looked normal.
[01:03] <CoMBo> plus a lot of models are 100 lbs
[01:03] <CoMBo> dude u must be a pig then
[01:03] <unboy> have you seen models in real life?
[01:03] <CoMBo> yeah
[01:03] <unboy> they look gross
[01:03] <Molsen> my gf is 5'1 and 95lb ha
[01:03] <unboy> like they are going to die
[01:03] <CoMBo> you're delusional
[01:03] <unboy> no, im pretty sure you are
[01:03] <CoMBo> Molsen: ouch
[01:03] <t3chno> lol
[01:03] <unboy> if you think 100 lbs and 5'9" is normal
[01:03] <CoMBo> unboy: ya it is
[01:03] <unboy> uh no its not
[01:03] <CoMBo> you're a fat pig
[01:04] <CoMBo> stfu
[01:04] <unboy> do you know what "normal" means?
[01:04] <CoMBo> dont talk
[01:04] <CoMBo> just eat
[01:04] <unboy> im an inch shorter than that, and i weighed 10 lbs more
[01:04] <unboy> and i looked really sickly
[01:04] <CoMBo> ya ok
[01:04] <unboy> my ribs were sticking out
[01:04] <unboy> its definitely not normal
[01:04] <unboy> now i weigh 145
[01:05] <CoMBo> theres normal skinny people who eat 3 meals a day that can weigh 100 lbs
[01:05] <unboy> people that skinny are not the norm
[01:05] <unboy> do you know what "normal" is?
[01:05] <CoMBo> dude just eat
[01:05] *** Quits: anorexiaa
[01:05] <CoMBo> 145 is not normal
[01:05] <unboy> 145 lbs is not normal?
[01:05] <Injurious> now a days
[01:05] <CoMBo> are u black?
[01:05] <unboy> how is that abnormal?
[01:05] <Injurious> 145 is probably normal
[01:05] <fris> you will fucking ruin them
[01:06] <Injurious> people are fat now a days
[01:06] <t3chno> hahah yeah
[01:06] <unboy> 145 is very normal
[01:06] <unboy> im 5'8"
[01:06] <t3chno> itd be like a glove
[01:06] <unboy> im not fat
[01:06] <t3chno> youd be able to see it
[01:06] <CoMBo> show me a 5'8 chinese bitch thats 145 lbs
[01:06] <CoMBo> lol
[01:06] <Injurious> yeah
[01:06] <unboy> what does that even mean
[01:06] <CoMBo> unboy: means you are a pig
[01:06] <Injurious> if you are 5
[01:06] <CoMBo> trying to justify your obesity
[01:06] <Injurious> 8
[01:06] <unboy> because im not chinese?
[01:06] <t3chno> i have a friend whos a 5'8 chinese chick whos like 140
[01:06] <Injurious> she's not skinny
[01:06] <CoMBo> nah because you think 145 lb is normal
[01:06] <unboy> haha so now i am obese?
[01:06] <fris> ya comparing chinese to white
[01:06] <unboy> it is normal
[01:07] <CoMBo> hell no
[01:07] <fris> ok there buddy
[01:07] <Injurious> dude
[01:07] <Injurious> normal is just a state of mind
[01:07] <unboy> normal = average
[01:07] <Injurious> anything could be normal
[01:07] <fris> unboy isnt fat
[01:07] <Injurious> well she isn't skinny
[01:07] <t3chno> agreed
[01:07] <t3chno> who cares
[01:07] <Injurious> if she weighs 145
[01:07] <t3chno> skinny is gross
[01:07] <Injurious> doesn't mean she's not normal
[01:07] <unboy> 1. Something normal; the standard: scored close to the normal.
[01:07] <unboy> 2. The usual or expected state, form, amount, or degree.
[01:07] <unboy> 3.
[01:07] <unboy> 1. Correspondence to a norm.
[01:07] <unboy> 2. An average.
[01:07] <unboy> 4. Mathematics. A perpendicular, especially a perpendicular to a line tangent to a plane curve or to a plane tangent to a space curve.
[01:07] <unboy> its the AVERAGE
[01:07] <Injurious> she's perfectally normal
[01:07] <unboy> 100 lbs is not hte AVERAGE
[01:07] <CoMBo> average ya maybe in north bay
[01:08] <CoMBo> or barrie
[01:08] <unboy> what..?
[01:08] <fris> combo is dating a 9 year old
[01:08] <unboy> combo do you go outside very often?
[01:08] <t3chno> hahaha
[01:08] <Injurious> heh
[01:08] <t3chno> yeah
[01:08] <unboy> or do you just sit at home looking at internet porn
[01:08] <CoMBo> nope
[01:08] <Injurious> guest of honour tonight is combo
[01:08] <t3chno> his mom was 14 when she had him
[01:08] <unboy> the average weight of people in the real world is not 100 lbs.
[01:08] <CoMBo> nah she was 32
[01:09] <CoMBo> er 30 actually
[01:09] <CoMBo> then she got fat
[01:09] <unboy> she got fat when she started weighing more than 100 bls
[01:09] <unboy> combo send pics
[01:09] <unboy> i would like to see how studly u are
[01:10] <CoMBo> where u live?
[01:10] <fris> lol
[01:10] <Molsen> I am on some "ideal weight calculator" and it says that an adult woman who is 5'8 should be 138 lbs
[01:10] <tripsta> well ya that seems pretty normal
[01:10] <t3chno> there ya go
[01:10] <unboy> ok so 145 is close enough.
[01:11] <Molsen> And that at 5'1, 103lbs is the ideal weight
[01:11] <t3chno> yup
[01:11] <t3chno> lol
[01:11] <tripsta> 5'1 tiny
[01:11] <t3chno> midget sex
[01:11] <unboy> and ideal is a lot less than the average
[01:11] <unboy> i wonder what average weight of adult woman in canada is
[01:11] <unboy> combo is seriously delusional.
[01:12] <t3chno> quite
[01:12] <CoMBo> no
[01:12] <unboy> show some proof please
[01:12] <unboy> your argument is really weak.
[01:12] <CoMBo> nah waste of time
[01:13] *** Joins: ThoroldDu (~Dude@
[01:14] <CoMBo> kate moss weighed 100 lbs
[01:15] <unboy> combo, models arent "normal"
[01:15] <unboy> you realize that, right
[01:16] <t3chno> unboy: hes wrong. your normal
[01:16] <CoMBo> nothing wrong with being skinny is what i'm saying
[01:16] <t3chno> ok
[01:16] <CoMBo> u can be healthy and be skinny
[01:16] <t3chno> but you were saying it was normal to be skinny
[01:16] <unboy> that was never your point
[01:16] <CoMBo> thats my point
[01:16] <t3chno> and anyone over 100lbs is overweight
[01:16] <unboy> dont change your argumetn now
[01:16] <CoMBo> no
[01:17] <Molsen> Combo, then why did you say "ouch" when I said my gf was skiiny
[01:17] <unboy> no, your point was that 146 is obses
[01:17] <unboy> obese
[01:17] <CoMBo> nah ouch when she was 5'1
[01:17] <tripsta> cause yer cock would split her in half!
[01:17] <ThoroldDu> binny is skinny now
[01:17] <ThoroldDu> he has no food
[01:17] <unboy> combo you said 145 isnt normal
[01:17] <Molsen> she might even be 5'0 i dunno heh
[01:17] <unboy> and that 100 is
[01:17] <CoMBo> dude u were going nuts about a girl being 100 lbs
[01:17] <CoMBo> when theres nothing wrong with it
[01:17] *** Joins: vapor (vapor@
[01:17] <unboy> and youre going nuts about me being 145
[01:17] <unboy> calling me a pig and obese
[01:18] <unboy> is something wrong with that?
[01:18] <unboy> youre a hypocrite.
[01:18] <CoMBo> http://www.bodyfatguide.com/percentfat.html
[01:18] <ThoroldDu> im 145 pounds
[01:18] <ThoroldDu> and 5'11"
[01:18] *** Quits: vapor (changing servers)
[01:18] <CoMBo> ThoroldDu: are u a guy?
[01:18] <justin_> im 180
[01:18] <ThoroldDu> omg im fat!!11!!11!!
[01:18] <ThoroldDu> lol
[01:18] <unboy> combo, whats your point
[01:19] <CoMBo> read it
[01:19] <unboy> youre the worst debater ever
[01:19] <CoMBo> anything under 100 lbs isn't normal
[01:19] <CoMBo> also breast size plays a factor, if u have big breasts u can weigh more, as long as you got a slim waist
[01:19] <CoMBo> its all good
[01:19] <ThoroldDu> ommg
[01:19] <ThoroldDu> ever heard of anorexia
[01:20] <unboy> but anything over 100 lbs is normal?
[01:20] <ThoroldDu> or bolemia?
[01:20] <ThoroldDu> well
[01:20] <ThoroldDu> unless ur a midget
[01:20] <CoMBo> unboy: how big are your breasts now at 145 ?
[01:20] <ThoroldDu> above 100lbs is normal
[01:20] <ThoroldDu> or ur saying
[01:20] <unboy> depends on the height obviously.
[01:20] <ThoroldDu> that being 145 lbs with 45lbs breasts is normal?
[01:20] <Molsen> combo, why is anything under 100 not normal? isn't that entirely dependent on height
[01:20] <CoMBo> yah height
[01:20] <CoMBo> but we talking average girls right
[01:21] <unboy> combo is retarded.
[01:21] <CoMBo> not fucking 4 foot midgets
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> lol
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> for girls 110 to 120 pounds is ok
[01:21] <CoMBo> unboy: u had A cups at 100 lbs right, now how big are they at 145 ?
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> but what age
[01:21] <CoMBo> 20's
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> ah
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> k
[01:21] <CoMBo> 100-120 is great
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> 100 is too skinny
[01:21] <unboy> for what height???
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> way to skinnt
[01:21] <unboy> combo doesnt have much of a grip on reality
[01:21] <ThoroldDu> 20s girl avarage height
[01:21] <vapor> ffs
[01:21] <CoMBo> ThoroldDu: ya
[01:22] <unboy> have you had any experience with girls in REAL LIFE combo?
[01:22] <CoMBo> unboy: why won't u answer the cup size now?
[01:22] <unboy> im a b
[01:22] <ThoroldDu> omg lol how do i log this?
[01:22] <CoMBo> hmm
[01:22] <CoMBo> whats your waist size
[01:22] <CoMBo> for like jeans
[01:22] <unboy> what?
[01:22] <CoMBo> inches
[01:22] <unboy> im not answering these questions
[01:22] <unboy> i dont need your "approval"
[01:23] <CoMBo> why
[01:23] <t3chno> he wants to buy you a present
[01:23] <CoMBo> i'm going by the chart
[01:23] <unboy> because whats the point?
[01:23] <ThoroldDu> hmm chart
[01:23] <unboy> what are you trying to prove exactly?
[01:23] <ThoroldDu> ill give u a guide line
[01:23] <ThoroldDu> and 20s chick over 150 pounds.....
[01:23] <ThoroldDu> there
[01:23] <CoMBo> trying to get an idea if you are healthy
[01:23] *** Joins: boredgirl (~usux@
[01:23] <unboy> why do you care if im healthy ?
[01:23] <CoMBo> cuz i'm a doctor
[01:23] <unboy> ok then.
[01:23] <CoMBo> she obviously isn't
[01:24] <CoMBo> if she can't answer normal questions
[01:24] <unboy> what..?
[01:24] <t3chno> your obviously lost
[01:24] <CoMBo> sure
[01:24] <unboy> im obviously unhealthy because i refuse to answer your stupid questions?
[01:24] <unboy> theres a difference between cant and wont
[01:24] <CoMBo> u 29" waist?
[01:24] <CoMBo> if you're in the 30's its over
[01:25] <unboy> whats "over" exactly
[01:25] <CoMBo> what u think it means
[01:25] <t3chno> why do you honestly care
[01:25] <unboy> i dont get why you care if im healthy or not
[01:25] <CoMBo> i don't
[01:25] <unboy> what do i think it means?
[01:25] <unboy> then why are you asking me all these questions?
[01:25] <CoMBo> you're the one asking all the questions
[01:25] <unboy> this was never a debate over if im healthy or not
[01:25] <unboy> it was if im normal
[01:25] <CoMBo> how fast did u gain the 45 lbs ?
[01:26] <unboy> i dont get the relevance of these questions.
[01:26] <CoMBo> just curious
[01:26] <CoMBo> did u eat a lot of carbs?
[01:26] <unboy> youre creepy.
[01:26] <CoMBo> like lets say, kraft dinner
[01:26] <t3chno> protein :P
[01:26] <t3chno> hahah
[01:26] <daves> wtf
[01:26] <CoMBo> cheeto's
[01:26] <unboy> why are you so nosy
[01:27] <CoMBo> pasta?
[01:27] <ThoroldDu> lolz
[01:27] <t3chno> told her to get off the homeless shelter pc cuz someone else wanted on
[01:28] <t3chno> *guess
[01:28] <CoMBo> was that bitch really anorexic ?
[01:28] <ThoroldDu> omg
[01:28] <t3chno> it was combo who wanted on
[01:28] <unboy> combo loves anorexic chicks
[01:28] <t3chno> no, he considers anorexic to be normal
[01:28] * MarthaSte yawns
[01:28] <t3chno> therefore anorexic doesnt exist to him
[01:28] <CoMBo> ?
[01:29] <CoMBo> when did i say that
[01:29] <tripsta> maybe he likes boney twats
[01:29] <ThoroldDu> when u said 100lbs is normal
[01:29] <ThoroldDu> ITS NOT
[01:29] <t3chno> *nod*
[01:29] <ThoroldDu> ur chart sux
[01:29] <CoMBo> ihaha so anyone who is 100 lbs has an eating disorder?
[01:29] <ThoroldDu> not necesarrily
[01:29] <CoMBo> that was my point, u can be healthy at 100 lbs
[01:29] <ThoroldDu> but is at a health risk
[01:29] <tripsta> it is always proportional to height
[01:29] <CoMBo> and healthy at 120
[01:29] <CoMBo> yeah
[01:29] <CoMBo> heigh/breasts
[01:29] <CoMBo> height
[01:29] <ThoroldDu> omg
[01:30] <ThoroldDu> stop wit the implants
[01:30] <tripsta> but weight doesnt necessarily mean healthy
[01:30] <ThoroldDu> yea
[01:30] <ThoroldDu> its an average
[01:30] *** Quits: t3chno (( www.nnscript.de :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: www.XLhost.de ))
[01:30] <ThoroldDu> a healthy weight
[01:30] <ThoroldDu> its just a term
[01:30] <unboy> combo
[01:30] <unboy> that was never your point
[01:30] <CoMBo> ya it was
[01:30] <unboy> your point was that 100 lbs is normal
[01:30] <unboy> do you know what normal means?
[01:30] <ThoroldDu> ya
[01:31] <CoMBo> it can be normal
[01:31] <unboy> it means average. 100 lbs is not average
[01:31] <unboy> combo, look "normal" up
[01:31] <unboy> in the dictionary
[01:31] <ThoroldDu> well avarega is saddly above healhy
[01:31] <CoMBo> you were saying it was impossible
[01:31] <unboy> youre obviously an idiot
[01:31] <CoMBo> nope
[01:31] <unboy> when the fuck was i saying it was impossible?
[01:31] *** Guest6187 is now known as t3chno
[01:31] <unboy> i said its not NORMAL
[01:31] <unboy> obviously its possible
[01:31] <unboy> <CoMBo> where u live
[01:32] <MarthaSte> i am a tiny bit over-weeight, i am not sure if i can lose it but i am doing some exercises
[01:32] <ThoroldDu> omg u wanna meet combo now/?
[01:32] *** Quits: Firestar
[01:32] <ThoroldDu> omfg
[01:32] <ThoroldDu> DISQUSTING
[01:33] <t3chno> now thats hot
[01:33] <CoMBo> MarthaSte: how much u weigh
[01:33] <ThoroldDu> god
[01:33] <ThoroldDu> omfg
[01:33] <vapor> MarthaSte: pm
[01:33] <ThoroldDu> im 145
[01:33] <ThoroldDu> stop
[01:33] <CoMBo> haha
[01:33] <tripsta> oohh the pvts
[01:33] <MarthaSte> i used to be tip top shape, but the computer job is killing me
[01:34] <tripsta> i like just having the screen up to hear the sound loop
[01:34] <vapor> MarthaSte: pm
[01:34] <vapor> Dont be ignorant
[01:34] <MarthaSte> anyway night guys :D
[01:37] *** Joins: antiboy (~theretard@CPE000d88e225df-CM000a739a79b9.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
-> [ctcp(unboy)] PING
[01:38] <t3chno> unboy your evil
[01:38] <t3chno> :D
[01:38] <antiboy> what.
[01:38] <ThoroldDu> antiboy?
[01:38] <ThoroldDu> omg
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> so u dont like men?
[01:39] <CoMBo> a dyke
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> fuck
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> I bet ur really hot too
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> men
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> i went to canadian tire
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> and there was this really hot girl
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> and she was wearing a pride bracelet
[01:39] *** Quits: unboy (Ping timeout: 384 seconds)
[01:39] <ThoroldDu> like what a waste
[01:40] <antiboy> okay
[01:40] <antiboy> like you would have gotton in her pants anyway
[01:40] <ThoroldDu> that is not my goal
[01:40] <antiboy> whats your goal.
[01:40] <ThoroldDu> a steady relatonship
[01:40] <antiboy> ok, like you would have gotton a steady relationship out of her
[01:40] <antiboy> a "really hot girl"
[01:40] *** Joins: justin_ (konshuss@smokinweed.info)
[01:40] <t3chno> hahah
[01:41] <ThoroldDu> everything is possible
[01:41] <ThoroldDu> hot girls dont have stady relationships?
[01:41] <antiboy> not with YOU
[01:41] <t3chno> heh
[01:41] <ThoroldDu> oh thanx antiboy
[01:42] <t3chno> i need a gf -_-
[01:42] <ThoroldDu> i had a chance and ppl at my school screwed me over
[01:42] <ThoroldDu> so i need one too
[01:42] <ThoroldDu> but more and more i realize i would not ave time for a gf
[01:43] <antiboy> <CoMBo> so you're straight?
[01:43] <antiboy> <antiboy> duh
[01:43] <antiboy> <CoMBo> cool, so are u only into older men?
[01:43] <ThoroldDu> wtf
[01:43] <CoMBo> [01:43] <antiboy> why the hell are you hitting on me
[01:43] <CoMBo> [01:43] <CoMBo> i'm not, just trying to figure out the nick
[01:44] <t3chno> i dont get anything from the nick about older guys
[01:44] <CoMBo> anti boys
[01:44] <ThoroldDu> lol
[01:44] <CoMBo> means she wants a daddy
[01:57] *** You were kicked by Nermal (Racist motherfucker. Spam your shit elsewhere.)