14:54 <@Chris--> http://irc.dickscab.com/imthegirl/prosketch.jpg
14:54 <+schwag> <Chris--> http://tinyurl.com/y5yqu9
14:54 <@Chris--> oh this is just _TOO_ fucking good to pass up
14:54 <@Chris--> 8|
14:54 :::: ImTheGir| kicked Chris-- from #bonghit and said: asshole
14:54 :::: Irssi: Join to #bonghit was synced in 2 secs
14:54 :::: mode/#bonghit: +v Chris-- by marigold
14:54 <+_dozer> that was fucking stupid
14:55 <+_dozer> why would you even do that
14:55 <+Chris--> thats MISTER asshole to you, young lady.
14:55 <+Chris--> i didnt DO it, i just pasted it
14:55 <@dRaC> lol
14:55 <+_dozer> you're a faggot.
14:55 <@lilyth> wtf are you pastin dickscab in here?
14:55 <+_dozer> is what you are
14:55 <+_dozer> show some god damn respect.
14:55 <@dRaC> dickscabs
14:55 <+Chris--> dude, that IS fucking respect.
14:55 <@ImTheGir|> [14:57:03] <ImTheGir|> what the fuck is your disfunction
14:55 <@ImTheGir|> [14:57:25] <ImTheGir|> why the hell would you do that
14:55 <@ImTheGir|> [14:57:34] <ImTheGir|> what the fuck did *I* ever do to YOU
14:55 <+Flowerz> Omg.
14:55 <+Chris--> you aint seen me get disrespectful yet.
14:55 <@floz> lily, check out that video... shows some of the stuff at Barnwell
14:55 <+_dozer> personally i dont care
14:55 :::: DeathW1sh!~DeathWish@c-67-160-82-113.hsd1.wa.comcast.net
has joined #bonghit
14:55 <+Chris--> (i can if you REALLY want, though)
14:56 **** dRaC hugs imtheGiRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr <3 <3
14:56 :::: mode/#bonghit: +v DeathW1sh by marigold
14:56 <@lilyth> and we arent going to, in here, are we Chris-- ?
14:56 <+_dozer> i think you're an idiot anyways
14:56 <@lilyth> I think you both need to stfu
14:56 <+Chris--> lilyth: that depends on if i get disrespected.
14:56 <@lilyth> msg your love
14:56 <+Chris--> id prefer not to, though.
14:56 <+_dozer> oh im done lily
14:56 <+_dozer> i've said my peice.
14:56 <@ImTheGir|> ???????????????
14:56 <@^Zeke^> LOL
14:56 <@^Zeke^> here we go again
14:56 <@ImTheGir|> ???????????????
14:56 <@honkykong> so anna nicole smith is actually dead then huh
14:56 <@^Zeke^> really?
14:57 <@honkykong> hasnt she spent the last like, 5 years of her life
trying to get her late dead husbands richs?
14:57 :::: Eteos!diz@zinoti-of-the.dark-lotus.org has joined #bonghit
14:57 <@honkykong> wouldnt that be hilarious
14:57 :::: mode/#bonghit: +v Eteos by marigold
14:57 <@ImTheGir|> peice of shit asshole
14:57 <+Chris--> hey
14:57 <@honkykong> what a waste of life
14:57 <@floz> thought was was pushing some weight loss gimmick
14:57 <+Chris--> i just thought it was kinda funny
14:57 <@ImTheGir|> its NOT
14:57 <@ImTheGir|> jerk
14:57 <+Chris--> all i did was paste an entertaining link   *shrug*
14:57 <@ImTheGir|> asshole
14:57 <@ImTheGir|> retarsd
14:57 <@ImTheGir|> reaerhig
14:57 <@lilyth> enough plz
14:57 <@ImTheGir|> .

and then

21:28 <ImTheGirl> thanks ...
21:28 <ImTheGirl> [16:15:51] <HIVlntine> you must have the most disgusting cooter in the world
21:28 <ImTheGirl> [16:16:05] <HIVlntine> do you know how often I hear how horrific shaved.jpg is
21:28 <ImTheGirl> [16:16:14] <HIVlntine> without even encouraging it!
21:28 <ImTheGirl> liek i need this shit
21:29 <ImTheGirl> god damn it why did you have t paste those pics
21:29 <ImTheGirl> and you dont even care
21:32 <Chris--> i honestly didnt even know what it was until the world class shitstorm that came about from just pastnig that link...for all i knew, it coulda been anna nicole smith's
21:33 <ImTheGirl> wow what an amazingly unbeleivable load of bullshit...
21:33 <ImTheGirl> it had my nick on it
21:33 <Chris--> its our own perogative whether or not to believe what i say
21:33 <Chris--> whats happened has happened
21:33 <Chris--> be pissed if you want
21:33 <ImTheGirl> jsut like it is yours to be an ass?
21:33 <ImTheGirl> i am
21:33 <ImTheGirl> jesus chris..
21:34 <ImTheGirl> why couldnt you just leave well enough alone
21:34 <ImTheGirl> 4 years and those pics still fucking exsist
21:34 <Chris--> for the record
21:34 <ImTheGirl> because simple minded people like you .. take pleasure in others greif
21:34 <Chris--> i didnt take that pic
21:34 <Chris--> you never had to consent to it either
21:34 <Chris--> welcome to the skeletons in YOUR own closet
21:35 <Chris--> i deal with mine, you deal with yours
21:35 <Chris--> dont fucking rip on me cause you fucked up 4 yrs ago
21:35 <Chris--> >:|
21:35 <ImTheGirl> i know why those pics are online.. but THAT dsoes mean YOU have to paste them around
21:35 <ImTheGirl> but i dont spread YOUR shit
21:35 <ImTheGirl> dood i have done nothing to you ever
21:35 <Chris--> i dont have shit to spread that i dont spread myself
21:35 <ImTheGirl> and you did this
21:35 <ImTheGirl> WHAT THE FUCK
21:35 <ImTheGirl> i did NOTHIUNG
21:35 <ImTheGirl> why
21:35 <Chris--> i honestly didnt see it as malicious at the time
21:35 <ImTheGirl> the fuick
21:35 <ImTheGirl> you
21:35 <ImTheGirl> pick
21:36 <ImTheGirl> onj me
21:36 <ImTheGirl> alweiht'hW
21:36 <Chris--> i wasnt PICKING ON YOU
21:36 <Chris--> i was given a link
21:36 <ImTheGirl> it was MY PIC
21:36 <Chris--> i got a chuckle out o it
21:36 <ImTheGirl> so youre using the lackie excuse
21:36 <Chris--> *of
21:36 <Chris--> i pasted it
21:36 <Chris--> and you TOTALLY lost your shit
21:36 <ImTheGirl> not funny
21:36 <Chris--> along with the rest of the channel
21:36 <ImTheGirl> casue youre all respect..
21:36 <Chris--> you couldve EASILY played that shit off
21:36 <ImTheGirl> and then you do that
21:36 <ImTheGirl> ?!?!?!
21:36 <Chris--> but instead you flipped clean out
21:36 <Chris--> great idea
21:37 <Chris--> egg the channel on
21:37 <ImTheGirl> WHY THE FUCK DO IT
21:37 <ImTheGirl> WHY THE FUCK DO IT
21:37 <ImTheGirl> WHY THE FUCK DO IT
21:37 <ImTheGirl> WHY THE FUCK DO IT
21:37 <ImTheGirl> WHY THE FUCK DO IT
21:37 <ImTheGirl> WHY THE FUCK DO IT
21:37 <ImTheGirl> ~!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:37 <Chris--> i just explained that
21:37 <Chris--> did you ot listen>?
21:37 <Chris--> *not;
21:37 <ImTheGirl> a class jerk
21:38 <Chris--> most would agree
21:38 <Chris--> i already told you, i saw the link from somebody else, i got a laugh out of it, i repasted it WITH non MALICIOUS INTENT
21:38 <Chris--> sorry fo rthe caps there at the end
21:38 <Chris--> but instead of playing it off, you lost your shit
21:39 <Chris--> and the channel followed
21:39 <ImTheGirl> yes cause ashole make moves like that
21:39 <Chris--> *shrug*
21:39 <Chris--> i dton even know who ade that pic
21:39 <Chris--> r even why tyou let ppl take pics of your vagina
21:39 <Chris--> honestly, its none of my business, and frankly i dont care either
21:39 <Chris--> thats neither here nor there
21:39 <ImTheGirl> exactly
21:39 <Chris--> the moral of the stroy
21:40 <Chris--> (a) dont take pics of your genitals
21:40 <Chris--> (b) dont let pics of your junk on the internet
21:40 <ImTheGirl> i was a teacher a sort after teacher.. i quit MAINLY casue of those pics getting out online...
21:40 <Chris--> sounds like a bad subject to teach doesnt it
21:40 <ImTheGirl> they were sent to a coworker....
21:40 <Chris--> bad bad bad bad BAD BAD BAD idea!!!!!
21:40 <ImTheGirl> they were to someone i love and trusted
21:41 <ImTheGirl> a bf of 3 years .. fiance of 6 months..
21:41 <ImTheGirl> we broke up
21:41 <ImTheGirl> he cheated..
21:41 <ImTheGirl> he spread them
21:41 <Chris--> well that sucks to hear
21:41 <ImTheGirl> but you dont care..
21:41 <ImTheGirl> you jsut paste
21:41 <ImTheGirl> not your life
21:41 <Chris--> look
21:41 <Chris--> i explained self twice
21:42 <Chris--> which was 2 more times than i had to
21:42 <Chris--> im not repeating myself a 3rd time
21:42 <Chris--> the fact is that it happened
21:42 <Chris--> and considering i wasnt picking on you, and i had no negative intent, im not sorry for it
21:42 <Chris--> you should learn to react more calmly to fucked up situations too
21:43 <ImTheGirl> excuse me
21:43 <Chris--> playing shit off has saved me a FUCKTON of drama
21:43 <Chris--> im not excusing shit.
21:43 <ImTheGirl> you should learn better judgment
21:43 <Chris--> i probably should
21:43 <ImTheGirl> .
21:43 <Chris--> but thats far from the point here
21:45 <Chris--> if you wanna blame anybody, open a can of whoopass on the dude who plastered those pics on the internet
21:45 <Chris--> then find the person who ad the camera, and jam it in their eye socket
21:46 <Chris--> (that is, f the camera wasnt in your own hands, in which case, you jst made a mistake takin the pics in the first place)
21:46 <ImTheGirl> why dont you do what you SHOULD have done in teh first place... LEAVE ME and anything to do with *ME* alone
21:47 <Chris--> you started this conversation, not me
21:47 <Chris--> what i did was honestly not meant in any personal manner whatsoever
21:47 <ImTheGirl> no you did by pasting that shit
21:47 <ImTheGirl> it had MY NICK
21:47 <ImTheGirl> on it
21:47 <ImTheGirl> thats not personal
21:47 <ImTheGirl> ?
21:47 <Chris--> im finding this conversation to be futile.
21:48 <ImTheGirl> im sure
21:48 <Chris--> despite my xplanation, we sem to be getting nowhere
21:48 <Chris--> so lets go at it from this angle
21:48 <Chris--> wtf do you want?
21:48 <Chris--> what are you looking for
21:48 <Chris--> what do you wanna hear?
21:48 <ImTheGirl> jsut why the fuck did you HAVE ... what was the fucking NEEEEEEED to paste that
21:48 <ImTheGirl> KNOWING it was meant to be meanb
21:49 <ImTheGirl> in teh first place
21:49 <Chris--> i explained that twice
21:49 <Chris--> next question please.
21:49 <ImTheGirl> """cause i thought it was funny"""" which makes you a bigger ass i guess
21:50 <Chris--> calling me an asshole is the most futile thing you can do, considerng that even my best friends call me that more often than you could hope to
21:50 <Chris--> *shrug*