(@vap0r) MissLaVey. so did you get jumb0 kicked out of the military?
(@f1re) what ????
(@vap0r) i dunno
(@vap0r) oi just remember her sayin soemthin about contacting the military
(@f1re) kicked out of the
(@f1re) what
(MissLaVey) no, he's just being worked extra hard while there :x
(@vap0r) and all this shit was about to happen
(@f1re) WTF
(@f1re) are u serious
-── mode/#pp4l [+b *!*olormeonc@*.clvdoh.adelphia.net] by f1re


<MissLaVey> you do realize he stole shit from me, right?
<MissLaVey> he stole pills i NEED for pain management
<MissLaVey> and he also lied to get into the military
<f1re> dont be snitchin
<MissLaVey> dont be stealing
<f1re> lied to get in the military
<f1re> i see how thats your business/problem
<f1re> :\
<MissLaVey> i'm from a military family
<MissLaVey> i have oodles of respect for the military
<MissLaVey> i dont want total shitbags getting in
<f1re> fine
<MissLaVey> he lied about being a druggie
<MissLaVey> just to get in
<f1re> uh
<f1re> dont u do drugs
<MissLaVey> nope
<MissLaVey> i dont even drink
<f1re> pills dont count
<MissLaVey> nope, because they're prescribed to me
<MissLaVey> for legitimate reasons
<f1re> oh if they are prescribed they arent drugs
<f1re> true
<MissLaVey> lets pretend that you broke your neck
<MissLaVey> and someone stole the pain pills you needed
<MissLaVey> would you be ike "oh, that's okay"
<MissLaVey> wow, you're very bitter
<MissLaVey> someone snitch on you in the past?
<f1re> uhhhhhhhh
<f1re> ya
<MissLaVey> yeah, that's why you're pissed
<f1re> yep
<MissLaVey> have someone steal something from you and see how it feels
<f1re> it's happened plenty of times
<MissLaVey> let them steal your money too
<f1re> um
<f1re> im not even bothering with this anymore
<MissLaVey> so yeah, get pissed because i thought about calling the military
<f1re> seeya ok
<MissLaVey> "oh noes, she wanted to call the military! lets ban her!"
<f1re> thats what i said too
<MissLaVey> i'm banned just for THINKING about snitching
<MissLaVey> lawl
<MissLaVey> you're sticking up for a shady guy because of an irc bond
<MissLaVey> lawl
<f1re> im not sticking up for anyone
<f1re> im removing snitches
<f1re> and stupid bitches
<f1re> gettin riches
<MissLaVey> wait, who did i snitch on?
<MissLaVey> oh please tell me
<MissLaVey> i'm dying to know
<f1re> were done
<f1re> this is boring

(@clay) wait
(@clay) so in that link
(@clay) r.org/misslaveysexscandal06.html
(@clay) etc
(@clay) thats two different people
(@clay) i thought it was two pictures of that guy
(vap0r) LOL
(@clay) one of him being a guy and one of him being a woman
(@clay) doesnt it look like a tranny
(vap0r) you serious?
(vap0r) well
(vap0r) ya
(vap0r) but ahha
(vap0r) are you serious?
(vap0r) ahaha
(@clay) yes
(vap0r) i have to add that quote
(@clay) shes got so much makeup on i figured she was trying to cover stubble